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  1. So, I've heard a lot about Vitamin B5 and how good it is, but does it work on cysts? I have two nasty ones that won't leave, and still occasionally get some nodules. Doxy seems to work fairly well for keeping the number of them down, but some still pop up.
  2. I've learned to not even think about mine. If people don't like me for who I am, screw them. Acne is a temporary thing.
  3. There are teas and supplements that can help you clear up. Burdock tea and calendula tea are good for the skin. I think that Vit A can help too, and some of the B Vitamins. I'm not sure, though.
  4. Alright, I was thinking about trying out some of those vitamins, as many people seem to have success with them. Would someone kindly give me some information on the following, and suggest any other vitamins that I have overlooked. Also, would any of these interfere in some way with doxycycline? Vit A Vit B (B5 and B12 are what I saw in the B Complex.) The Omega stuff (fatty acids??) Flax seed (though the pill bottle says not for people under 18...I'm a few months away from 17...and why would
  5. Would the aspirin and lemon juice clear it up fast? How well does that work? Or is it just an makeshift fix?
  6. Thing is, I have seen a lot of difference before and during Proactive. The number of cysts before Proactive was much greater, so in all seriousness, why would I stop using something that is working? Also, the size of the cyst seems to vary...yesterday when I woke up it was smaller than the day before...I'm thinking it could have been because I forgot to take my doxy. Also, could someone tell me a reason why I should get off of Proactive? It has worked better than anything else so far...as
  7. Only thing I can suggest is oral medication. If it is that far under the surface, there probably isn't too much you can do about it. Maybe try something to dry it out, like a sulfur face mask that stays on overnight.
  8. Blegh. Cysts do suck...I've just recently started getting cystic type acne. Proactive has made a lot of it go away, but my skin is still red, and there are still lumps under the surface. And I have a big one under my jawline...I'm considering getting after it just slightly with a needle, but I'm thinking that might be a bad idea. I say try oral medication.
  9. I'm taking 100mg of doxy and I have no problem with sunburns. Except on my ears, but I spent the entire day outside, so thats not surprising...
  10. Yeah, those used to wake me up at night. I just drank some water and ate some stuff and it went away. But then, dear sweet God, I got a stomach ulcer from that stuff. It probably happened because I tend to take them without a drink, I'm good at that somehow. Anyhow, I got a stomach ulcer, and it felt like it was right at the bottom of my esophagus, so I couldn't swallow anything hardly. Sucked majorly. On a side note: About how long would you say it takes doxycycline to make your skin sta
  11. Huh, what a coincidence...the right side of my face is the side with more scars as well. Well, the only thing I can tell you about the mental effects of acne is learn to live with it. I used to be always worried about how people thought because of it, and it was nowhere near as bad as it was. I broke out bad (cysts, mainly) around Christmas time, and my face hasn't gone back yet, though ProActive is helping. Back on topic, sorry for the rant. I've just learned not to think about it; not t
  12. So I have a cyst right below my jawline, about an inch long, quarter of an inch high. It doesn't hurt. Are there any ways to make this go away faster? I'm using Proactive, and it seems to have definitely helped stop the number of cysts ect. that come up, but some still do come up. Also, is there anything that will help clear up my complexion? While the number of stuff has lessened, my face is still red from past acne...so, anything to help that?