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    Regimen stops working

    Hi ive been on the regimen since 2015 and had a very similar experience to you.. cleared my skin completely after about 9 months so I went off it for a year slowly it started coming back and its noway near what it was beflre and is just on my chin. It goes very quickly but as one goes another one comes. One thing that helped me was alovera but straight from the plant leaf it cleared my skin really quickly but unfortunately that seems to have stopped working too. I am a female and my a
  2. Natalielucy27

    Regimen not working anymore??

    Hi ive been on the regimen since 2015 when I started I had moderate acne that started on my chin but spread to my cheeks and was very depressing It started when I was 25 and the doctors said it was hormonal. After about 8/9 months on the regimen I had completely clear skin and was over the moon I hardly ever wore Make up and felt a lot more confident. I never used the full amount of BP as dan suggested as I felt that made me break out and I always used a pea sized amount I also only used t
  3. Hi guys I started the regimen nearly 3 years ago I had really bad skin that came out of nowhere all over my cheeks and chin it Took almost 9 months but I was completely clear didn’t get any spots and hardly wore make up. I still used the regimen but ran out for a while so didn’t use for about 6 months but stayed clear. I then started getting a few spots here and there so started it again about a year ago. I now keep getting spots on my chin mainly my right side they clear up really qui
  4. It took me around 8 months to get completely clear but everyone is different. I went off the regimen for 6 months as I was clear and I'm back on it again as my spots are back
  5. Natalielucy27

    Anybody Tried Going off The Regamin Before?

    I got completely clear and stopped it I was clear for 6 months it slowly started coming back mine isn't cystic though. I'm back on the regimen again and like you get a few new pimples they dry up pretty quickly even overnight with the BP but a day or two later one or two more appear and my skin looks worse than it is because of the red marks even though there not pimples it looks like I have a lot. I'm worried my skins gonna go back to how it was again and the regimen won't work. This is the o
  6. This is my second time on the regimen and the first time I was on it I felt the same as you my skin got worse and worse it took 8 months or my skin to become clear and my marks to go I went from wearing heavy foundation to none at all stupidly stoped even regimen for 6 months acne slowly creeped back and now it's quite bad again as I feel I am purging also .. it does make you wanna stop but I know eventually it does clear your skin
  7. Natalielucy27

    How long before all the acne is gone?

    It took me around 8-9 months to be completely clear and I would say like you I had moderate/mildly severe I've never had loads of cysts like you either. I wore make up through most of the regimen but did start to just wear concealer on the spots. I also never ramped up the dosage and I used a pea size amount the hole time I didn't moisturise at night either only in the morning. I had a lot and mean a lot of red marks that completely cleared up along with the spots I felt like giving up a lot bu
  8. Natalielucy27

    Over 6 months in to no avail

    It took me around 9-8 months for my skin to completly clear up and I would say my acne was moderate I wouldn't leave the house without high coverage fondation after these 9 months I didn't wear make up at all.. ufortunatly I ran out of treatment and as my spots had completely gone I didn't bother buying any more for around 6 months I was clear and didn't use the treatment now there slowly coming back but nowhere near as bad as before just 2 or 3 so im back on the regimen
  9. Natalielucy27

    Acne has returned

    Hi guys I used to post on the forum on a different username but I can't remember my password anyway long story short I was on the regimen for about a year and go completely clear skin from it at around the 8/9 month mark.. I finally was able I go out without even concealer and was over the moon I probably shouldn't have done this but I ran out of treatment so stopped using the regimen for about 6 months and stayed clear.. I then went on the implant bearing in mind I was on this before and th