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  1. @PatriciaJosephine I couldn't wear makeup either, I feel your pain! Now my makeup goes on smooth I did use the benzoyl peroxide, it did burn just a bit for me, but it wasn't bad. But if you're worried about it, I just wouldn't use the benzoyl peroxide that one time you use the ACV. Then go back to it the next morning.
  2. For those struggling with dry skin on the regimen . . . I may have found a solution. I posted here recently about my struggle with extreme dry, flaky, reptile skin. I've been on the regimen for two and a half months. The closest I came to exfoliating was when I washed my face, barely touching it with my fingers. Even though my skin is clear now besides hyper pigmentation, I was hesitant to exfoliate because if I was gonna do this regimen, I was gonna do it right--and that meant following the rul
  3. I have been using Dan's regimen religiously for 10 weeks. My active acne is almost completely clear (yesssss), but I still have lots of hyper pigmentation spots that aren't seeming to go away (I'm wondering if the BP is slowing my skin's healing process...). My real problem though is persistent dryness. I have REALLY, seriously dry skin. My skin became extremely dry within the first week, but I thought it would go away in time. The dry skin has only gotten worse. I wake up in the morning with