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  1. What consists of dermal grease? It is the complex intermixture from different materials similar to grease - lipids. The composition of dermal grease includes glycerides (more than 40 %), the free fatty acids (16 %), Aethers of wax (up to 25 %), squalene (12 %) and a cholesterin. Triglycerides of dermal grease mold up to the free fatty acids bacteria. Some of them form the volatile fatty acids, attaching has begun to smell to a leather. Dermal grease has no of odour. On a surface of a leather gr
  2. The correct care of a skin it is more narrow half of victory over spots and acnes. The care of a skin will allow to intercept new rashes, to reduce treatment terms, will reduce requirement for medicines and cosmetic procedures. 1. To begin with try not to squeeze out spots. The occluded comedoes and inflammatory devices of an eruption cannot neither be squeezed out, nor to dissect. It follow-up damages a skin, enhances an inflammation, promotes an infection contamination and can cause scars. If
  3. Formation of dermal grease is boosted by man's sexual hormones - androgens. The most active androgens - testosterone, 5-testosterone (dihydrotestosterone, DHT) and 5-androstendiol. Despite of the name, man's sexual hormones is and at women. Androgens are produced by sexual glands: at men in testicles, at women - in ovaries. Both female, and man's sexual glands are checked by hormones of a pituitary body - a member which is being a brain. picture testosterone picture dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
  4. Scars are formed in those places where there is the strong damage and fracture of tissues. In a skin it is the copulative tissue surrounding hair follicles, and sometimes - hypodermic cellulose. Scars arise during response of tissues to damage, process of an adhesion of wounds. When something collapses, formed "hole" is closed up by those materials of which the copulative tissue is constructed. First of all, it is a collagen. Process of an adhesion and a cicatrization of each damage lasts about
  5. The single reason of occurrence of a pimple does not exist. Two are considered as main mechanisms of evolution of acne: 1. The reinforced production of dermal grease. 2. Blockage of an ostium of a follicle. Activity of sebaceous glands appreciablly increases during puberty. Under effect of androgens occurrence of new crates both in a sebaceous gland, and in a follicle (keratinization) is sped up. Desquamated crates inside of a follicle becomes more. Masses of keratin, the desquamated crates, m
  6. Bacteria term among the main reasons of occurrence of acnes. The role of bacteria consists in evolution of an inflammation. Different germs can populate a leather and hair follicles. These are so-called propionibacteria: Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) and Propionibacterium granulosum, and also dermal staphilococcus Staphylococcus epidermidis. Except for them, on a leather and in sebaceous glands other bacteria, funguses (for example, Malassezia - a change agent of a dandruff and a seborrheal
  7. Of acnes do not die. But this sickness all the same prevents to live. One of founders of dermatology has told, that there is no sickness which has framed more than mental traumas, uncertainty, experiences and suffering, than ordinary acnes. Very longly this fact did not note. Besides earlier acnes almost did not treat, to it did not pay attention. Acnes are at all - anything terrible, will peter. Actually, ordinary acnes are at all « anything terrible ». They lead up some people and to depre
  8. It absolutely agree - search for the reason акне inside of itself Sorry for my english. But I hope which that clearly, from that I wished to tell. Why me??, may be you will help me to correct mistakes in this article? Please. Or someone another help me?
  9. 1. The oily skin, and even more problematic when, doctors recommend wash twice a day, and after each physical work or sports. The process of washing should glorified as cleaning and disinfecting the skin. 2.Movement in the washing must begin with the chin, nose and forehead to the border of hair growth. 3.Comedones or as they are called "black heads" is not dirt. This is the color of the pigment, which meets in inflammation ground. Their hands were strictly prohibited. 4. The face wash to mak
  10. Start with the lowest dose of Accutane (10mg). If your body is not reacting after 6-8 weeks, you may consider upping the dosage.
  11. There are the primary items that will occur during the scars of illness, and secondary - who remain at the primary site. Primary cells are of two types - inflammatory and noninflammatory. This division is suspended, and "inflamed" characteristic is primarily concerned with the external "inflamed" - reddening of the skin and swelling. The noninflammatory elements are mixed comedones and sometimes cyst. - white heads (close comedones) - black heads (open comedones) - cyst Comedones or acne, ar