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  1. Austra, I've been there. For me, the minor scarring began to bother me immensely after I came to these boards. Prior to coming here, the few scars I had were only a minor irritation. I have tried to encourage people to come back to share their stories, most don't feel the desire. Again, they feel that coming here (1) brings back bad memories while they just want to move past and (2) they've had bad experiences as many have bashed them when they attempted to recount their negative long-term
  2. I do remember you tricia. The scar forums were excessively popular back then. Yes, many did and still do debate the effectiveness of the treatments they receive...but many of these claims are made shortly after the treatment. Many disappear after they realize the negative impacts because (1) it's too painful to acknowledge the realities here and (2) they just want to forget and move on. I've talked to some. This is why this place can be really scary. If there are newcomers who are desperate, it'
  3. Needling on a few scars and a non ablative laser. The others I've heard from who have experienced similar results where they were worse off after treatments tried: Peels Dermabrasion Laser - non ablative and ablative Needling, derma roller Many of these people saw initial improvements and posted here. However, months and even years later they, after the initial swelling had gone down, noticed no change. In fact, a large number of these people actually saw other issues creep up such as enlarged
  4. I've been a member of this board for almost a decade. I've reconnected with many who have been here as long and a similar cycle held for most of them. It's a cycle which caused perhaps a more pronounced problem known as body dsymorphic disorder. Some scarring that they wanted to improve and ended up at this site after some searching. Reading posts brought them into further analysis (i.e. picture taking under various lights) causing scarring to be magnified greatly. Obsession set in via the mag
  5. Yeah, I had a terrible result too. Fat loss was apparent starting 2 years later. What a pity really that we pay to get photoage our faces. I believed the doctor though that the laser was minor and would improve the few scars I had. I hate the decision I made because it has impacted me every day since. The reflection in the mirror is the constant reminder. name='hinbe25' date='Jun 11 2011, 07:35 PM' post='3098982'] Don't use lasers they ruin your skin. I had both fraxel restore done, and trad
  6. These are the types of threads that should be shut down to prevent more people from doing this type of thing. This procedure is too dangerous and causes skin trauma that is not good. Plus, makeup artists and such should not be allowed to remodel scars.
  7. I would stay away from lasers. I also had very minimal scarring but the laser not only did nothing for the few scars I had, it caused fat loss in my face.
  8. From everything I've read over the past 7-8 years, many treatments don't work in the long-term and, instead, pose greater risks. I've talked to several who have had dermabrasion...scarred worse than anything they had before. Same with lasers like Fraxel. Same with needling. Same with chemical peels. Some do post and get derided like Miramar has (some claiming he logs in via another account), others see this and fear posting to avoid the ridicule. Go through the posts over the years. You'l
  9. Some of the backlash is really very sad. Miramar has been reading these boards for years, researching extensively, and posting his outcomes. Really, where's misty and the rest of them claiming dermabrasion or whatever was the saving treatment? Just a few have stayed on to warn others but most leave before posting long term outcomes. Those who do warn others are reprimanded. Come on...some are really trying to help. They don't want you in regret, depression, anger, and all the other emotions
  10. I agree that acne, no matter the severity can really cause depression. I wonder too if it's the guilt associated with acne. You know, my parents used to "blame" me for the acne saying things like "you're using the wrong soap," "you're eating too many peanuts and that's causing the acne," etc. They never helped me but just sort of blamed me for things I was doing or not doing they felt caused it. Here's the thing. It caused so much guilt. I actually was the healthiest person; it's just that
  11. When I got pregnant, I got some spots for the first 10 weeks. Then I was completely clear throughout my pregnancy. My skin was not as oily and looked great. Then after giving birth and about a month after I started nursing, my skin was constantly breaking out (about one cyst every couple of weeks). About a month after I stopped nursing, my skin was back to normal (no cysts and only one or two pimples every 5 months). I had done a ton of research while I was nursing. One derm told me to
  12. toomuch


    I haven't posted in a while, but wanted to come back to give an update on needling. I had 2 needlings done about 6 months ago. For the first 2-3 months, I saw improvement. But after that, the improvement completely went away. And now I even see some slight linear scars I never had before. I regret ever having had this done. I wish I had never read about it, get my hopes up and come away with a negative outcome. Sometimes we all can get so obsessed with our scarring that we would do just a
  13. I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. I think that some doctors are really misusing Thermage. I've researched a bit about this procedure aftering hearing of the fat loss stories on this board. It seems that Thermage is really meant as an alternative to the surgical face lift. It's meant to tighten loose skin. So if a person's skin is not loose but tight, it would make sense that Thermage would cause the already tight skin to thin out and become hallow looking. Here's some info I fou