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  1. Hello , i'm suffering from acne for years now , awhile ago i got clear but then my skin got nuts during my exams so my doctor put my on azithromycin 3 times weekly for a month now and i'm starting to see improvement i wnted to ask should i take it till i'm totally clear? and i have a huge cyst and it's the first time to have cyst is it from the treatment? and how can i make it go away fast
  2. i couldn't resist i took one pill of accutane 10 today and i really regret cause my face already starting to heal i don't want more breakouts , is it likely to have a breakout from one pill?
  3. thanks for response, most probably i won't take accutane , this is my first time to have a bad breakout and i didn't try antibiotics or any other acne product long enough to remove it yet , i think it's to early to jump to accutane . the dermatologist point of view was to dry the pimples faster as my face went crazy , but i have history of ulcers , i don't think that my intestine can tolerate accutane. and i showed him a photo of my skin before using differin so he knows that my acne isn't us
  4. thanks for responding , i'm trying to encourage myself to start taking it , did you experience any bad side effect?
  5. esee

    the worst

    the worst

    this is my fist time to ever write a review about an acne treatment , but this product ruined my life , now i can't even get out i'm so embarrassed , i had only 5 little pimples in my whole face , now they are countless small pimples in clusters , and my skin look worse than it ever have been and with time and more use it only increase the acne , i wish i never used it really .
  6. hello everyone , i was on differin which destroyed my skin moved me from trying to cure 5 pimples to cure 50 i went to a new dermatologist today who prescribed me : Accutane 10 mg for 3 weeks doxycycline 100mg daily clindagram (clindamycine + teritinoin ) fucicort once every morning and another steroid topical at night i'm really really scared of the accutane initial breakout , will it be very bad? and i'm afraid that it would dry my face that won't be able to cover it any help?
  7. esee

    Accutane Day 16

    i didn't use accutane before , never had the courage i guess but whenever my lips are dry i use vaseline , it's really really good