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  1. Unfortunately I'm in the annoying situation of having to shave daily (occasionally twice a day) if I'm heading out on the twon of a night time. I have mild acne, but I have also noticed little bumps that obviously need exfoliating. My question is, how often should I exfoliate, when should I exfoliate (before, after or a few hours after a shave) and finally waht product would you recommend for my unfortunatly sensitive skin. Any help appreciated.
  2. Like I said, the wash makes it bearable to the point only I notice it. No big red splots like I get when I don't use anything, just small little red ones that never eem to form whiteheads. I was on the regimen this time last year and it didn't seem to do much for me. Plus the aggro of applying the BP gel and waiting for it to dry etc. Did use the cetaphil face wash as a shaving foam but found it didn't do the job as well as the Nivea shaving gel does.
  3. Hi all, was hoping to get some advie with regards to shaving. Here goes, I am a 21 yr old male with moderate acne. I use C&C Continous Acne wash (the one with BP in it) which helps with spots (doesn't make my face compleyly clear, but near bearable). The problem is shaving, which I have to do every day, not only because I look scruffy, but because work requires me to do so. One thing I noticed is that I seem to have a lot of little bumps which I have put down to ingrown hairs, so I have
  4. As soon as my face gets wet (I splash it to keep cool, go in the sea/swimming pool) and I come out it drys real quick and instantly goes really flaky. I've been on the regimen for a few months now and I'm surprised this hasn't stopped ie. after the first week. I moisturize but still get this flakyness when my face is dried. I use Dans BP gel on the lower half of my face tho my neck flakes aswell where I wash it. Have switched soaps (wrights coal tar soap, Neutrogena soap, C&C daily scrub)
  5. Just using what has been recommended on Acne.org http://www.acne.org/uk/ukproducts.html
  6. Using Dans regimen and I am now 98% clear Had my first spot in just under 2 weeks this morning and it is already starting to fade Got a few red marks but nothing serious. Regimen I am using - Wash with Neutrogena soap bar for oily skin (Did use wrights soap bar before but forund it way too drying) Apply Dans BP Gel Apply Neutrogena Pore Refining Moisturiser Well chuffed
  7. no but it's probably why you have hairy palms [-X
  8. Can anyone tell me if this moisturiser contains SA? I was under the impression that it wasn't when I bought it, but I've since read a comment that it does? Anyone?