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  1. Slow but effective

    After almost a year of this it cleared up my severe acne by 99%. The initial breakout was real bad tho, however, worth it 100x in the end. This product continued to bring out my acne from deep within my skin so it took about 2 months to actually see any results. If you're using it keep on it, your gonna have to power through it!
  2. Part of the line up

    Definitely effective when used with other treatments. Nice and cool, cleared up my severe acne.
  3. I made like a short blog if you wanna see what I did and my results. Don't get too down, ALL acne is treatable, it just might take some time.
  4. Tbh I can't say exactly why, but there where certain foods that caused breakouts for me and most frozen foods made my acne worse. I wasn't willing to take any chances so I just cut them off completely.
  5. Golly, I would be lying if I said it was easy, but it was worth it. I had to really change my lifestyle, but it was for the better. Eating Habits COMPLETELY cut out soda and any sugary drink (occasional orange juice) COMPLETELY cut out dairy (almost, i love milk and cheese) lol COMPLETELY cut out frozen foods COMPLETELY cut out desserts Daily Routine Wash face with Clean and Clear 10% benzol peroxide wash (morning) Apply Neutrogena 2.5% benzol peroxid
  6. Hard to imagine this was the end result. This is what dedication can bring!
  7. This was my acne almost a year ago, since then my skin has cleared up dramatically. However, it did not come easy. I had ups and downs and a whole bunch of crazy breakouts but I powered through it and I cleared my face.