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  1. Alright, so earlier today I had cannula subcision treatment #1, quick rundown: Doctor recommended hyperdilute radiesse to prevent retethering, apparently they do not use sculptra anymore in combination with subcision. I declined since I want to try cupping to prevent retethering, but I will reconsider for the next depending on my results. Doctor recommended TCA spot treatments as well so confirmation on what @Sirius Lee already said. Also will consider, but I wasn't ready today si
  2. You raise an excellent point. I think part of that conversation would need to include expectations. Unfortunately, I do think many doctors give patients seeking acne scar suffers overly optimistic and unrealistic expectations for improvement. Which is why many people start expensive treatments expecting that they will have 70% improvement after 2 or 3 treatments. Before I started any scar treatments (Genius was the first type I ever tried), I told myself that it would likely not yield ANY improv
  3. That's ok. I would say I see improvement, but it's small. I don't think any scars are eliminated, but the edges are smoother. Improvement is in the eye of the beholder though - is the expense of the treatments worth the amount of money that I've spent? Maybe not.
  4. @Sirius Lee I always appreciate feedback. The improvement I've seen is still there from last November. Can I ask what you would recommend looking into? @BlueMaloney Dr. Ibrahimi in Stamford, CT. I am a Fitzpatrick IV and would highly recommend him if you're interested in RF but have a darker skin complexion.
  5. Hi All - Just want to give a long overdue update. I had a third Genius treatment in June of 2019. I have a picture from November 2019 of my final "result" from these treatments (I was moving and wanted to make sure I had the same lighting to compare pre-treatment.) I would say that I had some level of improvement in texture and improvement in the most superficial scars. Though, as might already be obvious, there is no way to get better results without going the manual technique. I have a consult
  6. @poi_boi_23 Yes, definitely going to wait 6 months before judging/posting the permanent results. Unfortunately the doctor I went to does not offer PRP. @SaraTheGerman Thanks! I went to Dr. Ibrahami in Stamford, CT. Unfortunately I don't know the settings but I believe the deepest needle was 2.0mm and went down to 0.5mm with 4 passes on each cheek. @beautifulambition Thank you, I really do appreciate the feedback. Tbh, I haven't been following these forums for some time so I wasn't aw
  7. Hi everyone, after thinking about it for a long time I made the decision to start doing RF microneedling treatments. I wanted to start a thread to track and share my progress. When I first had my consult with the dermatologist, he actually recommended doing Fraxel Dual instead, but I resisted due to my concerns about hyperpigmentation since I have ethnic skin. So far I've had two treatments, both of them Genius which is basically the newer version of Infini. My first treatment was in February an
  8. Looking for advise on treatment, specifically microneedling versus Infini. I have mostly boxcar scaring, and what looks like some fat loss (photos below). It seems like there has been a higher preference towards Infini over microneedling on this forum. Is microneedling no longer viewed as a decent treatment option/one that does not offer much results? I have asian skin and I struggle a lot with post inflammatory erythema (ex. some stubborn red marks that are over 6 months old) which makes me thi
  9. I'm hoping to get some feedback on 1) the type of scars I have, and 2) whether the treatments I'm looking into are right for my scars. I can't exactly tell whether my scars are boxcar or rolling based off of google images, especially in normal lighting. I've attached a bunch of photos -- I have several blemishes because I had been off my regular skin regiment for a couple month so keep that in mind. Also, my skin is pretty irritated since it's getting used to the Retin-A again. Would subcisio