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  1. Thanks for the tip filipinoprime. I read on someone's review on this website that applying vit. e oil on an active scabbed-pimple or whatever helps it heal. But i think i'll stick with your advice and just try to go for the scars. Which sucks for me because the scars are like centered in between active pimples.
  2. Haha, your last comment kind of makes me apprehensive. But, i have a scar on my chin (where there are virtually no pimples), so maybe I'll apply the vit e to there first. I'll keep you posted.
  3. I'll have to be veryyyyy careful then. Because my acne is only on my cheeks. That's where my old scars are, as well as my acne.
  4. Very interesting, Delta. I'm more confident about the vit e caplets now. I just hope they won't clog my pores. I think I'll swing by and pick up a bottle today. Anyone willing to try this with me? I think I'll actually test it on some scars on my body first, just to make sure. Oh, forgot to mention my other concern. I do have acne currently, but I'd say it's moderate to mild. I wonder if Vitamin E would inflame the acne or not...
  5. I read the reviews on this website and they seem to be unanimous: Vitamin E works. But I'm nervous. Does anyone have an opionion? Should I break the capsules? Should I try oil? Pills? Which ones don't clog? How often do I apply? Anything anyone can add to shed light would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Sure no problem! Im always happy to help others out :)

  7. Hey, I just want to say thanks for always answering my questions :D

  8. Sounds good to me. Luckily, I see no more flaking due to aloe vera Thanks for the responses!
  9. My third week on the regimen is coming to a close, and I was wondering if I should use more BP? I started out at the 1/3 of the index finger size, and now I'm up to about 1/2 of my index finger. It feels like my face is pretty adjusted, because my face doesn't feel as "tight" after I put on the BP. Maybe I should use a tad more or the full dosage?
  10. Even before I started Dan's Regimen, I tried 10% BP (worse decision of my life). And yes, it was ridiculously drying. But after a while, I started to get adjusted to the BP. So, when I started Dan's regimen with the 2.5% BP, my face wasn't that dry at all. Maybe your face needs more time to get used to it. And by the way, I hate jumping in the pool with BP on too. So drying. I should mention that recently I began using aloe vera + a drop of Cetaphil moisturizer (credits to NdnRome), and m
  11. I see. Do you have those tiny pimples? That's what I currently have. What's interesting to me... I recently tried aloe vera for a moisturizer. I mixed a small gloop of aloe vera with a drop of Cetaphil moisturizer and it seems awesome. I don't get the greasy/slimy feeling of using Cetaphil or Neutrogena moisturizer alone. Instead, it feels like the aloe vera absorbs very quickly. My skin feels "tight" but oh-so moisturized at the same time. Oh, I should also add that when I used my b
  12. I am excited. I've been on DKR for about 2 weeks now. And yes I must admit, I have missed a couple of applications during the day or night. Also, the whole 12-hour span between each application has varied for me. Albeit I didn't follow PRECISELY as I have should, I seem to have gotten a breakout. This is awesome, because initial breakouts are said to happen. Also, I feel like my existing pimples are just fading scars. Now all I need to do is stay hopeful and apply a bit more BP as tim
  13. You've inspired me to make a trip to Walmart tonight :]
  14. Oy. I've been on Dan's regimen for about a week now. This morning, I applied the BP and followed all the steps like usual, but I started noticing that my skin started getting really flaky all of a sudden. When I got home, the flakiness was insane. I should mention that I haven't been exfoliating since I started this (I have St. Ive's Apricot Scrub but I heard it's a killer). So I freaked out and immediately exfoliated with St. Ive's, but I think that might've made it worse. So, I applied
  15. I was just wondering... How does this fit into Dan's regimen schedule? I use BP in the morning/moisturize, then do the same at night. So when should I exfoliate? Before putting on BP? After washing BP off?