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  1. Any update magic? Interested to hear as my research has me jumping down this rabbit hole also.
  2. BlackTrashbag, any update on the magnesium. I am thinking of using for acne as well as the beginning stages of hairloss. Thanks!!
  3. Ouch man, Thanks for the response. I was on Accutane 8 years ago and have just now started to have e.d. problems. I was trying to narrow down if this was caused by accutane or was porn induced e.d. I think its the latter since I can still get erections from watching porn without stimulation. Although Accutane did the job at clearing my skin, I have had mild rosacea as well as i.b.s. since taking..
  4. Hi guys, Haven't been on acne.org in a few years, but this topic caught my eye. Sorry if this has been asked in the 273 pages, but to those thinking they have accutane induced erectile dysfunction, are you still able to get an erection to porn? And also how much exercise do you do normally in a week, if you are experiencing e.d.?
  5. I haven't checked in on these forums for over a year. I used to spend alot of time and money on everything and anything i thought would help. I was even stupid enough to waste money on Benzoil Peroxide. That made my skin look worse and brought on serious depression. I've read posts on this site of people drinking their on pee to clear their acne, now thats crazy. Too those that think this is the way to go its stupid to say your gonna quit masturbating forever, but limiting is a good thing in
  6. I'm still clear since i initially sustained from ejaculation for 30 days, then reduced to once a week for an additional month. I did this about 2 years ago and i'm still clear. I come to these forums to find that people still waste their money on BP which does nothing but make you look like u have dried up skeet on your face. People on these forums would rather drink pee or give up their favorite foods. I went on Accutane and was clear for 6 months, but then acne reappeared on my back/face/t
  7. Do you have the link to that cupids poisoned arrow site? i've searched google but can't find.


  8. I'm glad to see that some of you are showing improvement. For me it took a whole month to see good solid results. Whenever i got that urge i also either played video games (360>ps3) or just did some pushups.
  9. I was scared when i first started taking whey protein but for the last 5 months my skin has stayed clear while taking. I mix it with 2% milk and usually have 2 shakes a day. I'm still a slow gainer, but i've put on 12 lbs of muscle in the past 5 months but still got a ways to go to reach goal of 180.
  10. I've been free of acne for a year and a half now just from abstaining from sexual activities. I quit sex/masturbation completely for 1 month then i reduced frequency to once a week. Besides getting clear skin, i've been able to see noticable gains weighttraining. It seems like my whole body looks better, not just my face and back. Also i've gained alot of confidence that being 100% clear by accutane didn't provide. I was also able to shake my addiction to internet porn. Seems like going u
  11. Its a shame that so many "hot" girls underestimate themselves. heyaawhatsupp is gonna be a knockout when shes older.