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  1. I have the same problem, but to a more severe extent. Rarely any acne (thanks to accutane) but my pores have always been huge (especially the T-zone), and I have very sensitive, red, blotchy, tight skin. Some areas even get inflamed slightly (T-zone) and throughout most of the day I look like a raccoon because the only skin that is "white" is the skin around my eyes and I HATE it. It sucks because the rare times it isn't like that, I look so much better and so much younger. Some days I am 27 and
  2. Well I went in today and I was "ok'ed" for the study. Basically what it is, is a newer version of Accutane that isn't supposed to be as harsh on the side effects. They somehow refined it chemically. They also said it doesn't have to be taken with fatty foods to be absorbed well. They drew some blood, I peed in a cup, had an over the phone interview with a mental health doctor, signed some papers and they did a great job filling me in on everything. My blood pressure was pretty high and the doct
  3. My mom was at the doctor last week and he was filling her in on this study they were doing for acne. She called me thinking I may be interested, and of course, I was. I am 27, and don't have as many pimple as I used to, however the ones I do get are pretty frequent still. Plus, they are large, red, deep, and painful zits that scar even though I don't squeeze or pick at them. Mainly in the T-zone under my eyes and on my neck, and back. Anyways I call the number she gave me, and the study is for
  4. I hear ya! I'm especially frustrated right now because my whole face looks good except for ONE huuuuge zit under my left eye. And when I say huge, I mean it. Were talking the diameter of a nickel. Not only that, it burns and it's rather painful, and the whole area around it is red and inflamed, about taking up the whole side of my face. As I've gotten older, whiteheads have subsided but now I get these very large pimples in my T-zone that scar even though I don't mess with them. And it's always
  5. Thanks for the recommendations on brands and methods. I will definitely look into all of them!!
  6. Right now I just use the BP lotion. It works great and worked rather quickly. However I feel now there is a trade off. Even though the BP did a great job of clearing up existing acne, I feel like the dry skin flakes it causes, are turning right around and "reclogging" pores. I've tried different exfoliating products and methods but with no results. My face literally looks like it has dandruff and looks as bad as the acne itself. There is pretty much a solid layer of dry skin cover my face and f
  7. Oh I understand what you are saying. Still waiting on my insurance to kick in so I don't have to use student loans. I just wasn't sure if anyone else has experienced anything like this because it's pretty weird to have a clear face all of a sudden, and then get my T-zone and it's like BOOM!! Thanks for your input though, as soon as cash allows I'm getting to a derm first thing.
  8. My acne for the most part is getting under control and not near as bad as it used to be. However my T-zone has been killing me for some reason in just the last year. On my cheeks bones about "ear" level, and right under my eyes, I have been getting a lot of cystic acne and it is MORE embarrassing than just having a facefull of smaller zits. They don't even break the surface, they are just big red dots. And the weird thing is......and I swear.....it's always symmetrical!!!! I will get two red d
  9. First off, I apologize if all of the answers to my questions are answered somewhere else. I did some searching with not much luck. Anyways, here's my deal. Acne was bad in high school, now moderate as an almost 25 year old male. I don't get many whiteheads, however the larger "cystic" nodules are very frequent. Especially smack dab under my eyes in the T-zone and upper cheeks (EMBARRASSING!!). I would rather have 5 whiteheads than one of these big red monsters that scar even when they don't bre
  10. I used Dan's a couple times but had to stop because of irritation, but his and the Seabreeze have the same exact consistency and they both do it. I'll try the methods you recommended and see if that works. Thanks for your help today!
  11. I use a moderate amount of BP (been using it since August) and I always take the time to smear it gently and make sure it feels kind of pasty and difficult to spread around before I stop. However when I wait 15-20 minutes and apply moisturizer, I feel like I am just throwing a layer of it on top of some dried up BP. It starts to gunk up on me a bit and I feel like none is actually getting to the skin. Should I just try to wait 30 minutes after the BP or what? With these winter months coming, m
  12. Thanks a lot Brandy, I'll go ahead and buy another bottle.
  13. I need to buy another bottle of BP soon. There weather here in Indiana is ranging from the high 20's to the mid 40's. Is this cold enough to damage the BP and make in ineffective? Thanks!
  14. Hey sounds good. If you can let me know, I'd really appreciate it. So far the last 3 days I've just been using Paula's Choice and as far as skin tone, it seems to be working great. My skin doesn't seem as red, especially in the "T" zone. I think all in all, BP does a better job controlling acne, but doesn't match the overall skin tone that P.C. gives me. That's why I am interested in using both, so I can maybe get the best of both worlds.
  15. I've asked this question too, and someone gave me a credible link that stated there were no long term effects like aging. I'll see if I can dig it up for you. The whole aging thing usually comes from skin care websites trying to sell something other than BP.