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    In pursuit of happiness
  1. make it juicey for you

  2. HELLO OUT THERE! Come back, we need your hilarity!

  3. We've missed you and your doll. How is she btw? What did you name her again?

  4. I've already had sex with... I mean, met... PrznKing. I would also love to "meet" any other acne-prone homosexual males on this site . So if you're in the San Francisco area and would like to meet up, send me a pm boys!
  5. lol I see you can get on now.

  6. Everyone put their perverted side away because you left! When you come back, everyone will bring it back out.

  7. hahahaha GONE.

  8. So offensive! Rats work cooperatively when engaging in crime. They'd never sell each other out, unless it was a part of The Master Plan.

  9. I was trying really hard to think of something to say, but I just ... can't :(

  10. im liking the new picture. it's very ...hot.