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  1. Made an appointment to see an endo. Never got my hormones tested/read by someone who actually knows what they’re doing. So it’ll be interesting to see. Idk if my high FSH and LH was just a random one time thing but could be that this chemo drug fried my nuts and left me primary hypo. Who knows at this point. Will keep ya updated. Honestly getting so exhausted fighting this shit.
  2. What have you had tested?
  3. interesting as FSH was high for me.. LH was normal i believe
  4. I find it interesting that my DHEA is so high and my estradiol is high for my age. I feel like not enough people with PAS have experimented with hormones. All over the PFS page, men have experimented, and there have been recoveries! I feel like everyone on this forum waits for the guy next to them to try something out. We’ll cover zero ground that way.
  5. find this SO interesting as i used to get big welts from mosquito bites and haven’t since these tane effects started happening.. AND i have ridiculously high DHEA again.. interesting
  6. Doesn’t DHEA convert more to estrogen in men than testosterone? Just a thought for those who have off the chart DHEA levels like I do.
  7. No negative response. Just wasn’t doing anything at such a low dose. It was a dose for migraines. Not enough to treat an autoimmune disorder. Don’t see you trying anything or getting tests done?
  8. I didn’t even finish it. But it was also 4mg of prednisone. Ehohel took 60mg when he felt great!
  9. I have all the symptoms of estrogen dominance and my estradiol actually was pretty high high dhea = more converting to estrogen than testosterone which would explain the hyperimmunity
  10. Flynn, wasn’t the 5AR theory proven false...? I slightly remember a study (Baylor maybe?) putting it to rest. Isn’t 5AR also the enzyme responsible for allopregnenolone conversion? I can still get drunk... I know a lot of PFS victims say they can’t but I still have the ability to.. isn’t allopregnenolone responsible for that?
  11. first day almost done so far have 16mg of prednisone floating around in my system and don’t feel anything too drastic yet. Two more pills before bed. Definitely less achey and weirdly more clear. Nothing to write home about.. gonna try and finish this out though even if nothing happens.
  12. Haven’t started yet! Think I’m going to start tomorrow! Wanting to make sure there is nothing happening (went out the other night drinking and got pretty drunk) that could possibly skew my results. Want to be back at home in case things go south or something.
  13. I had high DHEA ! 85-690 and mine is 757 my FSH was also high 1.6-8.0 and mine was 9.5
  14. Yes exactly! Sorry for the confusion! I will !
  15. Hydrocortisone is quite a bit different in my opinion. Not nearly as potent. I have excess plasma proteins. I’m trying this as an immunsupressor versus a hormone. because I have •proteinuria and I had an abnormal spike on my electrophoresis. (It wasn’t multiple myeloma thank god but I never had protein in my urine before and it seems to only get worse) my total blood protein seems to be getting higher and higher and my ESR was low which is indicative of hyperviscosity