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  1. Nana335

    Accutane Day 3

    I posted a update entry yesterday if you wanna check it out!
  2. Nana335

    Accutane Month 1 (Day 36)

    Hey guys, so I just finished up my first box of the tane (2 days into my first box but I skipped 2 days of pills somewhere within the month) and it has been a rollercoaster. Thankfully the ride only had one major drop so its been pretty much smooth sailing otherwise. Week 1: Everything was pretty chill. The morning after popping my first pill almost all the active pimples I had came to a head. It looked a little off putting but I was super excited to see it already having some effects on my
  3. Nana335

    Accutane Day 3

    A little side note/ update: I have officially stopped taking birth control as of 2 weeks ago and I am waiting for my insurance company to approve my coverage of my copper IUD. So far all is well. A lot of the side effects I was experiencing are seeming to subside (this could honestly just be a placebo effect but I'm happy nonetheless). So today marks day 3 of being on accutane (I started 2/10/17). The day after I took my first dose I noticed almost all the pimples I had on my face had come t
  4. So I've decided to try and switch from taking birth control pills to a copper iud. The two times I have been on birth control my skin has gotten a bit better while on it granted but I hate the way my body reacts to it otherwise. I get really extreme mood swings, night sweats, my sex drive is a lot lower and I have less body hair (this would be a great thing if my eyebrows and lashes weren't included). I don't feel comfortable with the idea of constantly putting hormones into my body over a long
  5. Nana335

    Experiencing Delays

    So it took me some time to post this because I was upset for awhile. Turns out that there was a error in the Ipledge system and they had me down as starting accutane in February instead of January. So now I have to wait another month to start. I was really upset at first because I would be a whole month behind schedule but I've now come to peace with it. My skin is still breaking out but not as bad as before and my scars are not going anywhere anytime soon. And I have another month where I can d
  6. Nana335

    Accutane Day -2

    Preface: Hey guys/gals, I'm Natalie and I am now 2 days away from picking up my first prescription of accutane. I have to say waiting this past month has been really difficult. I honestly wish I could just pinky promise that I won't come in contact with a penis while I am on accutane and keep it moving, but the FDA has to protect themselves from possible lawsuits and we must protect the potential tiny people, so its understandable. I've had acne since I was 14. It's peak was when I was 16, it w