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  1. Hey I just got into the whole makeup thing, and I am experimenting with clinque right now, but it always turns orange cause my face gets so oily I don't care about covering pimples I just want to hide redmarks, do you guys have any suggestions on brands, application tips, etc? I bought physians formula RX concealer any advice on how to make it look not so cakey?....Sorry for the twenty questions. I am a guy btw.
  2. I know this is an old topic but I would like to open it back up cause I have the same question as Dublin...I got the treatment done so I will keep you all posted and MAYBE post photos I took some before pictures two days ago... Day 1 When getting the treatment done it actually tickled kind of and felt more pleasant than chemicals. I am as red as a tomato, and my face is on FIRE !!! but I didn't care I went out anyways lol came home late and looked in the mirror and I was covered in scabs which
  3. I was just on the Dr. mercola website and he said acne is due to insulin resisitance. so I am cutting out all sugar and grains UGH I love bread!!!! So I will be signing up with you!! and to sweetgirl your the one to talk. You think drinking some vinegar is going to help you and your bashing people where there is scientific evidence that acne is due to insulin resistance, go on to pubmed, and research it. Scientists have tested the skin of people with acne and found that it was insuin resistant.
  4. Just hang in there I got that done to, but without the levulan (money issues)...it took several treatments to see results but it was worth it!! I just got an ebrium laser peel done for the redmarks and scars, right now I am as red as a tomato
  5. Fish oil is great I have been doing it for three months now I am no longer breaking out and my face is actually dry and doesn't get oily till I am ready to wash it at night and another plus I am gaining muscle mass easier. I saw drastic results when I switched to carlsons liquid fish oil I take two teaspoons of that as well as two omega 3 gelcaps, and several grams of vitamin C (I researched it and it is safe) for cleansing I do the oil cleansing method. your awesome romeo everyone of your
  6. When I tweeze the hairs in between my eyebrows I will get a huge pimple that looks like I have a third eye lol so I bought paulas choice skin relief treatment and no more third eye
  7. It physically turns into a bunch of little rocks, but it mostly gets goopy. yeah i did add some soothing botanicals. I made some green tea using the whole leaves and it gooped up in that, so then i thought maybe its the tea so I put it in some plain water and the same thing happened. Any chemistry buffs? I don't want a 35 dollar bottle of Salicylic acid to go to waste!!
  8. So I bought an %30 SA peel from perfect peel solutions, and I'm to scared to use it lol, but I was wondering how to turn it into a diluted toner? I put it into some water and it immediately crystallized. I want to do this cause all of the other toners contain alcohol and other irritating ingredients. So I was wondering as anybody used this product with any luck? Second question, for all you chemistry buffs. How can I turn this into a toner without it crystallizing?
  9. Yeah it could be. My mom had those on her arm, and she got an allergen test, she is highly sensitive to eggs, and as soon as she cut those out the bumps went away.
  10. Just did it with jojoba oil does this help with those pesky flesh colored bumps and clooged pores?
  11. I ended up developing that as well.. I was taking antibiotics though and when I stopped the pills it went away in a couple of weeks doc said it's a yeast or fungal infection that causes SD.. are you taking antibiotics?
  12. yeah I remember that scene in Fantastic Four and I thought to myself "that would be a neat little trick to have right now."
  13. Hey guys I have a question. I was using the razor that Dan suggested, which is the gillette, but I still get bumps and pimples whenever I shave. I found this shaverHere but it's not sold in stores do any of you know of an electric shaver sold in stores that is similar to this one? thanks