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  1. I switched from RAM 1% to Differin 3% for 3 months and the Differin didn't do a thing. I switched back to my retin a
  2. I would give it alteast 6 weeks before moving onto something else. I was using differin 3% and this is not even strong enough for me. Only effective retinoid for me has been RAM 1%
  3. I don't see why not. As long as you are able to buy another tube, the dr just needs to authourize an early refill
  4. Yes, DH and I have been unsucessfully ttc for a year now. I have not given up my Retin A and Duac regimen. Topical products have never been a big deal for me when ttc. Such a small amount of vitamin a is absorbed in your bloodstream anyway. It would take several tubes on your entire body to be tetrogenic. Furthermore, when ttc for a while, you could probably pin down your conception date and withdrawl from acne products 2 weeks later. Good luck
  5. Hey Chelsea, Keep the log up, its good! Glad to see progress
  6. Wishing you clear skin Chels. Welcome to my second favorite website! Good research paper, I know where you got the writing style from...lol
  7. I have been on Differin 3% for the past month. Is it just me or is this retinoid not as strong as RAM 1%? I have not experienced any peeling nor redness. Also, I am able to apply DUAC every morning. Previously on RAM, Duac would burn my face off. I still get small whiteheads and papules here and there. I always thought that peeling meant the retinoid was more effective. I thought Differin 3% was the big gun?
  8. The lotion is called "SFC Lotion Soap Free Cleanser"
  9. My next order from the mail order pharmacy is going to be the kit. According to the pharmacist, its the same duac tube, same ingredients but its going to include a cleanser with it. Anybody heard of it? Duacgel.com has a logo of it, but not any info *****UPDATE****** I got my order today. The package includes a 45 mg of Duac and a 3 oz bottle of soap free face cleanser (similiar to Cetaphil Gentle)
  10. Working in a pharmacy, I see a lot of new rx's come across. I've been on the Duac/RAM combo for the past year. Well, I saw a new product called Duac Kit. I asked my pharmacist what the difference was and he said the kit included a lotion. I don't know what type of lotion it would be. Wasn't any prescribing info about it. Anybody here heard of it?
  11. As you all probably ready in my previous posts, I stopped taking Yasmin about 3 weeks ago. Ever since then, I have been bloated, my skin has broken horribly along my jaw line and my skin is just greasier! I was wondering if this could have anything to do with the drespirone in it that acts like spiro?
  12. I have been on Yasmin for over 6 years. I took my last pack last month so I am going on day 14 without any pills.(TTC in near future) I noticed that my hair is oiler, moisturizer feels sticky. Nothing absorbs well. Is this a side effect from stopping bcp? FYI...I have not had a full cycle with a period.
  13. Ask your self this question. How long do you plan to be outdoors? At minumum, you should use a SPF30. Use a waterproof if your going to be perspiring heavily. Check out www.neutrogena.com They have a good selection of sunscreens. I like their helioplex line they have out. You need UVA and UVB coverage.
  14. With any retinoid, the first 2 months are going to be hell. You are going through the Initial Outbreak. I would give a full course of therapy...12 weeks before ruling out if it is going to work. your doing the right thing by spacing out the application.