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  1. Carl granger



    so i visited a lush store last 2 weeks, and i was supposed to buy the herbalism, but they're out of stock so i asked the lady if what is the best substitute for herbalism and she recommended me the fresh farmcy. at first i was really not sure if im going to buy the product because the reviews says that it dries their skin, and it causes them to break out more, but silly me, i still bought it along with the mask of magnaminty and tea tree water toner, the soap has a very pleasant smell which i li
  2. Carl granger

    Carl Granger

    Hello everyone! My name is carl, im 14 yrsold and welcome to may acne journeeeey!❤️ So my acne started about a year ago, and it got worse like 3 months ago. And im using epiduo and teranex soap bc my dermatologist told me that i should stop my skin care routin. So its my 7th day of using epiduo and teranex and my face is getting worse bc my dermatologisy told me that epiduo will make your acne worse for a bit, and then it will clear your face when your acne is no longer present on your face. So

    This thing cleared my acne for about a month and a half! I looove it! This thing works for me very well! I also use clean and clear essential facial foam , and nivea cream to moisturize my face. Please try my regimen This might work for you , and it also might not work for you. But atleast you tried it! :)

    Omfg! I've been suffering with acne for about 3 yrs. but then i saw this product on my local pharmacy. It was very cheap at that moment. I'm very sceptical at first , because i thought it may broke me out. BUT! It didn't and in fact! It cleared up my moderate acne! For about a month and a half. Btw. This is not the only product that i use. I also use galderma's benzoyl peroxide. And nivea cream moisturizer. I'm not saying that this is going to work like magic , but you need to try it. It might n
  5. Carl granger



    I've been using aloe vera for at least 4 weeks now. And i have a moderate acne. It does calm and soothes the inflammation , but my acne is still in my face which is kinda sad. But i'm not saying that aloe vera cannot remove pimple. This is just my experience. Maybe it works for you? Who knows.
  6. Carl granger

    Carl granger

    I have this skin for about 4 years now. it's kinda frustrating but you need to deal with it. I'm currently using a topical treatment it's benzac , it has 5% benzoyl peroxide. Hope this works