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  1. Don't press the subject, but don't avoid it either. When he wants to talk, be a good listener. I think you already are one. But expect emotional progress to be slow and tenuous.
  2. I suspect that your hang-up isn't ugliness, but introversion and sensitivity. Either way, remember that even if you looked like a movie star, inside you would still be the same man, with the same inadequacies. My advice is to work on your soul, not your wardrobe. Become stronger.
  3. When I tried 10% BP it was nearly as bad as steivamycin. 5% is more comfortable. If I could sum up my experiences in a sentence, it would be this: Experiment with many treatments, be patient, and avoid cures that are worse than the disease.
  4. All my experience with electric razors, corroborated by many veterans, is that they irritate one's skin. In general I think one should shave as infrequently as possible, and then always with the grain. I shave three times a week.
  5. I suffered from moderate acne from age 14 till 21. I'm now clear, and at this point I think my opinions and experiences carry some worth, so I'm here to share them. In my time I experimented with many treatments. First some facts about my skin. Vanity prevents me from calling my face oily, but I'm the sort that has a slight sheen on his forehead in photos. In the early years I had what they call T-zone acne (forehead, nose, and chin) but as years passed the bumps migrated to my cheeks, temples,
  6. Where have you gone?

  7. Hey steeps! I saw a guy on my train that looked just like you the other day!

  8. Aww, I'm the first person to make a comment in your profile!!!

    I just wanted to wish you a very merry christmas and I hope you have a fantastic new year!

    Take care of yourself!

  9. Heya steepie :cool: It was going pretty well... up until I forgot to update my prescription and pick up "nexts months" tablets you sound like me with my b5. and now you've got a fever :( i hope you feel better tomorrow!
  10. A couple of my friends also had or have some acne. We never talk about it much, but when we do it's mostly like "damn I hate zits" or "your skin looks good, what have you been doing?". We exchange a few tips now and then. Nothing too deep.
  11. http://www.acnemiracle.com/ There's a 20% B5 topical for $13.
  12. I've never tried the topical but I've heard good things. The B5 vitamins alone work great for me. Good luck everyone
  13. I can't be sure, but that's a more likely culprit than the B5. If you can't stop taking the salt baths you should find a good moisturiser to use on your face afterwards. Make sure it's non-comedogenic.