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  1. So I've been off accutane for 2 years...worked great, no more acne. And for the past few months I've been getting these random red inflammation spots on my forehead. They come out of nowhere within a few hours, and can last all day long, or can disappear within hours. Sometimes they look like they're about to form a white head..sometimes a bump forms, then within hours they are totally gone! Very rarely they will form a small whitehead. My question is: how rare is this? And does this mean I
  2. Another update. So it's been more than a year and a half post-tane, and I still get random red marks on my forehead, but now they don't form an actual bump. Just a red mark that lasts for about a day.
  3. An update for me: You know those 2 that were on my neck? Guess what, they're still there, but tinier and I still squeeze them from time to time and that fun white solid puss comes out of them. These have been there for about a year now. I don't get them on my forehead anymore thank god, but the one I squeezed on my forehead scarred, or I should say my squeezing scarred it because the scar is my fingernail indentation. No lie.
  4. As a former long-term marijuana user, I have to say that it had the opposite effect for me. Toward the end of my chronic use, I was having constant panic attacks and irrational episodes of paranoia and general depression when I was high. I think marijuana magnifies your emotions. If you're generally easy going and care free, then you will have nice highs. If you're generally an anxious person like myself the fear will be magnified by ten.
  5. Well, it turns out that for me at least, these bumps are indeed full of puss. Not the liquid type but the more solid kind. There was a big one on the back of my neck that's been there for at least 3 months and I took a chance and squeezed it and a whole shitload of puss came out of it. I squeezed some of the tiny ones out of my forehead and the puss came out of those ones as well. And the bump disappeared for good. I guess that don't last forever. For me at least.
  6. I think it's accutane related, as I've never had any until after accutane.
  7. You need to compensate in other areas. That way when people think of you, the first thing that comes to mind isn't "that dude with acne", but "that dude who's awesome at...." or "that guy who...." Anyone who has attitude has a defining characteristic that is not necessarily physical.
  8. Do yours scar when the redness goes away? Am I the only one who gets scarred by these??
  9. Sorry. Basically the only thing that loads when I try to go to the forum is the acne.org logo at the top, and the number of users online right below that. Then the rest of the page simply won't load. Also there is a little "-" symbol at the top left hand corner and if you click on it nothing happens. And the only way to get even this much to show up is if I chose the "just-fit" view with the psp. If you know a workaround let me know, huh? Please??
  10. THE NEW SITE WON'T WORK ON MY PSP!!! This really really sucks.
  11. the new style won't display on my psp..any suggestions???
  12. I heard wheat was bad, but is there a bread that's NOT connected to acne?
  13. I had no regimen on the tane or after. Been doing ndnromeo's new one for the past month or so.
  14. I've been off accutane for about 6 months now. Yeah, it's definitely been hot and humid here. When I get hot my forehead is the first place I sweat along with my back. I was on accutane for bacne. I had my worst breakout last year around this time when the car I had at the time didn't have air conditioning so I would be soaked by the time I got to work after a 25 minute drive. I'm not saying sweating = breakouts, but there may be some aggravation. So now for the last few days I've been doi