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  1. I'm really having to take a hard look at how much of my confidence has come from 'looking nice' before now. I taught this year and was extremely humbled (in a bad way) by how students responded to my acne. Now I'm about to start another 'face job' (what I now call any job where person-to-person interaction is important) and am trying to talk myself into building better self-esteem. My acne had been under control for 10 years (from 16 - 26) and I had no idea how much stock I'd put in clear skin.
  2. Oops - sorry about the topic placement. Thanks for moving me. And thanks for your response, Labgirl. So it sounds like Taz by itself could prove effective about 3 months in? Anybody else on just a retinoid?
  3. I've been using Tazorac for 6 weeks - first with Duac, which was way too irritating, then with Dan's BP. I just hurt all the time, despite intense moisturizing and moderate usage. So I'd rather stop playing this game where I'm always a few yards behind the curve on pain/dryness, and stick with the product I seem to tolerate best (Taz). Has anybody had good results using just a strong retinoid? I've got severe (nodular-cystic) acne that's responding somewhat well to my regimen so far. Always had
  4. I wore Acnomel as foundation throughout high school and college - it was magnificent! Because I had my acne under control with either retinoids or BCP at the time, I'm not sure how well it controlled breakouts ... but, it sucked up my excess oil LIKE IT WAS ITS JOB. I used to shudder to think that its maker might stop production, but thought "No, they won't" and "I'll grow out of acne, anyway!" Acnomel's still around, but my acne's worse as a full-blown grown-up, and I can no longer tolerate it
  5. ID didn't break me out, but made me super-itchy. Everday Minerals feels great, though!
  6. We're neck and neck at two votes, Molly! I need to explain myself a bit - Yes, I love the look of purses ... No, I hate carrying anything with me when I go out. Usually I do have a big tote bag, though, for books and papers and sch-tuff. Totes are great - but still not as great as going out with nothing, if you ask me.
  7. I'm so sorry It's even worse when things have been going well, isn't it? Good news, though - if your oil production has responded to BCP, your acne probably will as well. What is it with this whole 8 - 15 week acne-cycle thing?
  8. Your friend from high school that you haven't seen in 9 years is passing through town and you lie to get out of seeing them because you actually looked better in high school than you do now ... You don't go out after work because ... your face is too greasy and your make-up too runny to be seen by anybody other than your spouse, but ... if you washed it before your evening regimen, you'd be paying the price in dryness for a week (oh, topicals). Arg.
  9. Product-frenzy aside, you have an admirably simple regimen! Way to go! It is so hard to be constantly on the lookout for the perfect thing. I feel your pain, chica
  10. Just thought I'd post this here since there's no treatment review of this (I've requested one, though) ... I bought the Ultra-Calming cleanser and moisturizer this week after a friend suggested it would help with hyper-pigmentation, etc. OUCH! Left my skin really tight and fragile - actually, a little bit red, too. I feel so conflicted about product reviews, as everybody has a different experience, but I wanted to get this out there. If your 'gentleness' needs are on the level of Cetaphil/Neut