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  1. Alba TerraTints. Also, one year a friend of mine gave as Christmas gifts homemade lip gloss, and man oh man that stuff was so good on lips you would not believe. If he didn't live over 1000 miles away I'd harass him more often to send me more.
  2. Well, so far the L'Oreal is ok, although it is sort of bordering into orange territory in some lights. It's done a nice job of evening out the t-shirt tan I've got, which is nice, and it took really well on my legs. It smells okay, too, kind of like green tea (which is weird given it doesn't have any in it). I haven't noticed it breaking me out, which is also nice, and it moisturizes like a champ. It's not a close competitor to an actual tan, but it'll do. Thanks!
  3. I used Origins Matte Scientist moisturizer and the Dr. Weil Plantidote Mega Mushroom face serum (along with the occasional application of the Modern Friction scrub). I don't think they were particularly bad, and theoretically the mushroom serum has anti-inflammatories in it, which (again) theoretically should help with acne redness. Of course, when I stopped using them and started on DKP, things went from eh to excellent, so. I do still get the occasional hankering to use the scrub, because man
  4. I think between smallpox, acne, and other crazy facial things, perfect skin was more rare than we realize (and possibly experience now).
  5. I figure, I'm dehydrated a lot anyway, so I might as well moisturize even though these days it seems like I don't need to even after I've put on the BP. I don't want to bring back the flakiness or the zits by changing routine too much. I've found that jojoba oil is hard to deal with - the stuff I have, at least, is in a little glass bottle and there's no easy, spelled-out way of applying it. What I've found to be useful is to put a finger over the top, upend it, and flip it back, doing this fo
  6. So, I have a wedding to go to in a couple weeks, and I figure, I don't want to blind anyone with my paleness. The question then becomes, what is the best sunless tanner? According to Consumer Reports, L'oreal's Sublime Glow Daily Moisturizer is the best, and I'm willing to believe them on that count. Now, I can deal with using the body moisturizer, but they also make one for the face as well. I picked both up (one for use, and the other on a whim), and now I'm wondering, should I actually try t
  7. How's it going? Things are going really well. Switched to the Neutrogena scrub in the blue tube. Have skipped some nights due to fatigue, but overall, skin is doing really well. Still some residual dryness/flakiness around the jawline, eyebrows, and temples, but oh MAN I am liking how this is going. I've stayed around two joints-worth of BP, if only for the lazy reason that it takes a while as it is to get all of it rubbed in, and more would just be too taxing on my patience. Ridiculous, but th
  8. Woo 1. Things are looking pretty clear, and the old red marks sure seem like they're fading away. This is most pleasing to mine eyes. 2. I was having serious trouble, though, with flaking. While washing in the morning, I could rub away so much skin you'd think I'd seriously sunburned myself every day and was sloughing off thick layers of peel. Now that that disgusting image is in your mind, let me assure it wasn't really that bad, but it was weird and awkward and added time to already too-long
  9. I am slightly embarrassed at how excited I am about this.
  10. So! I'm up to slightly over two digits of BP. My skin is still flaky and dry but hopefully that'll go away or lessen a bit in the next month or so while the skin adapts. It's worst on the temples and jawline, all the way down the neck a bit. The Eucerin spf30 sensitive skin whatever is NOT good for the dryness. That kind of makes me sad, because I would prefer a higher spf for the moisturizer if possible, but it looks like the Neutrogena spf 15 will just have to do for now, along with Cetaphi
  11. Thanks! UPDATE: My sister's wedding on Saturday went well! I got a lovely compliment from the makeup lady - "you have great skin!" My mind was boggled. The Bare Minerals didn't seem to adversely affect my complexion, which was nice. I'm up to a joint and a half of BP, and I've decided to use the Cetaphil at night, and Neutrogena's sensitive skin spf30 (or was it 15? I can't recall offhand) during the day, with Cetaphil on the jawline and the jaw/throat connector skin, which has been getting
  12. Background I've had zitty skin since probably junior high or so (I honestly can't remember when it started), mostly whiteheads but also deep-down cysts/nodules as well. From somewhere in high school to maybe a year or so into college, I did Proactiv, which sort of seemed like an exercise in futility looking back on it. I think there were also the occasional trials of various topical antibiotics as well. For a couple years in college, I used Shiseido Pureness cleanser, along with a couple other t
  13. Maybe I'll just use half as much of both as I normally would, so things aren't hella greasy but at the same time my skin isn't left flapping bare in the wind if the Bare Minerals gets irritating. I know my mom's really liked the Bare Minerals stuff, but on the other hand, we definitely have different skin types (at least, right now at any rate), so there you go. Luckily, the Regimen has really been awesome so far so really all the makeup lady would have to do is even out skin tone and go from
  14. I feel like I might be jumping the gun and jinxing myself, but so far, I've had much better results with the Regimen than with Proactiv. I think it's in part because right now, I'm in a better headspace to actually pay attention to what I'm doing and be deliberate about stuff like this. On the other hand, I can recall being pretty deliberate about Proactiv, so YMMV. This time around, though, I know to keep fabrics like blue towels away from me when I'm applying the BP or drying off my hands af
  15. I've been using DKR for the last few weeks (DKR cleanser 2x/day, DKR BP 1x/day, Cetaphil moisturizer 2x/day), and I had a question for all the makeup people out here. My sister's getting married this Saturday at 3pm. The ladies in the wedding party (myself included) are going to get hair and makeup done at 10 that morning. Now, I'm not sure if I should follow the Regimen that morning, for the following reasons: It might get pretty warm out, since it's an outside wedding in an area that can get