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  1. so i have this zit near my nose, it started off as a regular little trouble maker, but the bp i apply at night caught it in the act .. mostly. the problem is, its now 2 weeks later and although its very small it will not go completely. it is not raised but i can see whiteness under the skin - if i squeeze gently, i always get a tiny 'worm' or 'silly string' type discharge from it - its like it has 'consolidated' its position now as i said im still giving it the bp, and i moisturise to preven
  2. i want to try a gel as its a pain doing large areas with cream based bp - it dries too quickly.. does anyone have a suggestion ? a LOT of people have said to avoid panoxyl as it dries like crazy so thats out. atm im using oxy 2.5% . while we are at it - lol - can someone recommend a cleanser ? to clarify a cleanser just cleans right ? like soap but non drying ? thank you for the input - theres a lot of information to absorb on here and people say "oh you must use a cleanser" (for eg) but i
  3. Did you mean to leave your personal statement as a comment on my profile? :P

  4. hey peoples !! ok, bit o background - I think my acne is kinda under control-ish now but i wanna try and tackle the uneven skin tone and weird dry/scratchy bits of facial skin i have. i have been reading the boards a lot but theres so much information my head is spinning like the girl from the excorcist ! ( and this is not good ) so, at the moment my routine is clean and clear cleanser >> 2.5% bp >> eucerin dry skin moisturiser. i would like to incorporate something with AHA in i
  5. some days are harder than others .. ive always thought if you get it so bad it makes you stay home a lot then you learn about yourself; i dont necessarily mean you can always find peace or become more spiritual, or even plough through a lot of books/games/ whatever youre into, but on some level i think you start to realise the depths of yourself and just by getting out of bed every day, just how strong you are. we have all had days when the black cloud really did look like it covered the entir
  6. i agree, its not sales-y its more a community feel. im happy anyway .
  7. hi everyone ! i found my way here last week and i have been lurking, but finally decided to register let me tell you a little bit about myself; i am a 41 yr old white male living in the north of england. i suppose truthfully my acne isnt that bad but it is constant.. i was ready to try dan's regimen but i wondered if maybe i could get some help modifying it to take into account my sebhorreic dermititis (or even if i need to?) im using ketazoncole to control it -- the jury is still out on th