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  1. Proactiv is not a good product and dermatologist dont recommend it as it doesnt work to treat acne and stop it from coming it. Its a band-aid so I think its great that you want to stop using it and I totally understand your fear. I would ask your doctor or see a dermatologist and ask for differin. Its ment to be the best thing for acne expecually if your an adult as it works by stopping the acne from forming under your skin so you dont get those breakouts like proactiv will give you. Down side i
  2. thank you for that. Its very good advice. Only issue is that im in Australia so we dont have cerave products. My derm has me on Avene skin recovery cream as a moisturiser as I have extremely sensitive skin and la roche posay effaclar gel wash which I really love. I will look out for the hydro boost gel cleanser and give it a go. Thank you again.
  3. thank you for your help. Im only on 12.5mg though, not 25mg. Its a shame it takes so long to work sometimes.
  4. Ok. Im just trying to help. I know its like a bandaid, I know its frustrating. I know it sucks. Give accutane a chance then. You maybe one of the lucky ones who takes it for how ever many months, gets clear skin and then is done with acne.
  5. Yeah I think that until the reason your getting acne is sorted out, you will need a skin care routine. I know it sucks. I wish it was as simple as just doing something to get rid of the acne and then stop the product. I know accutane can do this, but its not 100% guaranteed and you will still need some kinda daily routine for cleaning etc. Most people who get acne arent lucky enough to be able to go to bed without a routine.
  6. yeah I understand that, wanting to travel but without the hassle of skin care. Mine is basic though. Morning, wash, moisturiser then sunscreen. Night, wash, moisturiser then differin. Thats it. But there is the waiting 15-20 between moisturiser and differin but thats all. Accutane is an option ( a really risky one) but you will also need to still wash and definitely moisturise, and you may need to moisturise even more than twice a day depending on how dry you get while on accutane. So i reckon i
  7. yes my skin reacted badly to epiduo too but now my derm has me on differin and i can handle it well! My skin is super sensitive but this works. Just make sure to use a good moisturiser 15-20 mins before. Its defiantly worth asking a derm or your dr for a script. Its expensive but its worth it. Differin is just epiduo without the benzoyl peroxide.
  8. I reckon its an option for you. Have you spoken to a dermatologist. My derm says its best to try differin or epiduo before accutane. Differin is pretty much accutane in a cream version without the side effects. Ps- my acne seems similar to yours.
  9. Im just beginning differin but I was on epiduo for 3 months prior and it caused my pale skin to go orange peel colour too. I wish it would go back to pale. Did your derm say anything about how your skin will go back to being pale? Thats unfortunate about bp for you. I get neck acne from my hair too. Hopefully differin should clear up your pores ore tho your looking great now even if this is your worst. Id expect the differin to work soon for you but for some people it takes a bit longer.
  10. that does thank you. But im also wondering if you think 12.5mg will do anything to help my acne? thank you. This helps. I will probably end up having my dosage increased, it just has to be done very slowly but it made me feel better to know a little can help alot. I doubt my derm and doctor will let me have more than 25mg because of the anorexia so im reallllly hoping 25mg will work. My body is handling 12.5mg so fingers crossed.
  11. Hey guys. Im 32/F and have just started Spironolactone. Im only on 12.5mg because my doctor is being cautious as I have anorexia and my bp is already low and shes worried about it messing up my electrolytes as I usually have a problem with them being too low. But Id like to know if you guys think this amount will do anything. If my body handles this dosage, then in time she will up it to 25mg. Any thoughts will help!
  12. Yeah its strange isn't it how the skin on your face reacts differently to your body, eg back and chest. Ive noticed that my back and chest breakout when I use face cleansers, but once I stop, and just use body wash, the acne clears up. But the same happened to me on the caveman. Back and chest cleared up but face got worse and didnt get better.
  13. What face wash you use is up to you. But dont use both together. You can always use one wash in the morning and the other wash at night. The oil is your moisturiser and to be used after a wash. If you dont use the oil as a moisturiser then you will need to buy a cream moisturiser. The wash with the moisturiser is not an actual moisturiser, it just means that it helps hydralyte your skin but its not an actual moisturiser. Cetaphil moisturiser is popular.
  14. accutane is a very very serious drug and you need to research it before you even think about anything else. Its not easily available and a dr or dermatologist has to write a perscription.
  15. Ohh thats not an actual moisturiser, its a face cleanser/wash. That makes more sense. Yes, ot does replace your soap. And yes, do what it says. Wet your face and then use the product, then wash off and pat dry. Definitely do not leave it on your face. If this leaves your face dry, you will need to use an actual moisturiser afterwards. There are lots out there but if your wanting to use an oil to moisturise, I would recommend 'Jojoba oil' or 'avocado oil'. Do not use coconut oil as it will clog y