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  1. This is the worst acne I have since 3 years ago. I am making some plans, from today throughout 2017 to see hows my acne progress. I am sorry of these pictures
  2. @AcnePro1 : Yes, I am trying to eat healthy. I haven't tried any essential oil before, I used natural things, like white egg. thank you for your advice. @Howlingmad : thank you for your advices. 1. Skin care : I wash my face every 2 times in a day with facial wash. I clean my face at least once a day with facial milk cleanser. 2. No, just on my face. 3. Yes, but sometime I still cheat here on there. I am afraid using accutane. Here is my progress : My acne is bet
  3. It is almost new year. 2017. I am almost 24 years old in 2 days. I have my new year resolutions, and the first resolution is to eat healthy. In these past few weeks, my acne is at it's worst. I will make an acne-to clear skin progress every day. I will post the photos of my face every week. I feel very depressed now. My neck feel so sore. I don't like to see my face on the mirror. It's very frustrating and I am stressed. I should have some plans and get meditations and good