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  1. Yeah, I do wish that they could have seen my skin at least one time in person just to get a better feel for how it is...pictures can only say so much. But I'd rather try this out then go to a dermatologist again -- I went when I was in my teens and I never felt like anything they gave me helped much. My regimen right now is AM: Wash, SA Toner, SA Gel, A02 creme, sunscreen PM: Wash, Toner, SA Gel, Acne Med 5% They are adding in the Derm-A gel to my morning routine every 3rd day for now. My
  2. Hi there, I stumbled upon your log and wanted to say hello. I too do the Face Reality system long distance....I live in Connecticut. I was doing Dan's Regimen and it just wasn't working out for me, so I decided to try FR. Things went along good at first and I got pretty much clear in the time that they said I would...stayed clear for like three months and was so estatic that I finally found something that worked. Then come December I started to break out all over again...and for no apparent reas
  3. I'm sure most of you in here believe that a happy digestive system can make for better skin. Do any of you take fiber supplements to keep things "moving along"? I don't want to go on a complete colon cleanse or anything....just something I can add to my daily intake that will help me to become more regular? (I don't have a great diet but it's not terrible either...I eat some fruit every day and try to have at least a small salad, so there is some fiber going in. I also drink plenty of water.) I
  4. Bang on. I think its a bit foolish to not go on the drug because of a breakout. So you'd rather have acne than deal with a breakout and have clear skin for a long time? I was just wondering why it happened, I wasn't saying that I didn't want to go on it just because I might have a break out.
  5. That's happened to me too. My guess is that the zit just got to that point where it was ready to burst, and the friction from the band-aid made it pop. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not...but it always seemed better to me to have some neosporin and a band aid over it to keep it clean and promote healing.
  6. I haven't taken Accutane, although am starting to think more seriously about doing it. After reading through so many people's experiences, it seems the majority of you got nasty initial breakouts from the tane. I know this is rather common (unfortunately), but does anyone know WHY it happens? You would think that since the Accutane stops the oil that things would just get better..not REALLY WORSE and THEN better. It just doesn't make any sense to me and I've tried looking it up on the web but ha
  7. Thanks Yvette, I tried it tonight and it did help a lot to take it with food.
  8. So, after only taking a day of this stuff, my body is already unhappy. Pretty much right after I take it to a few hours later I feel "funny"....like jittery and just all over unwell. It's already making my bowels loose and certainly makes me feel nauseas after taking it. The instructions say to take it on an empty stomach, which didn't work very well for me. Those of you who have taken it, how did you take it so that it wasn't so bad on your stomach? Did you take it right while you were eating
  9. Can anyone tell me what this is? I'm not sure if it's a cyst or a nodule. I'm sorry the pic is bad, it was from a cell phone, but you can see I have a huge lump on my chin that looks like a lima bean under my skin. Doesn't hurt too much on it's own but def. hurts to touch. I've had this before in the exact same spot - it's popped up in that place once a year or once every two years for the last five or so years, so it's not super frequent right now but I still keep getting it in that same spot
  10. I am wondering if there is anyone here who is on the anti-candida diet and would be willing to e-mail back and forth with me for a week or two and let me pick their brain about what foods to eat and what has worked for them? If so please PM me with your e-mail address, or we can just talk back and forth through PM if you'd prefer not to give out your address. I'd really appreciate it. thanks
  11. Actually - I think a lot of us have trouble with our neck even though we don't put BP there, I know I have in the past. I've heard the skin on your neck is very sensitive, and it seems that somehow even if you don't put BP directly on that area, it manages to irritate neck skin. I've found that if I make sure to put lots of moisturizer on my neck and don't scrub it with anything like a washcloth that it will go away after awhile once it 'gets used' to your face having the BP.
  12. Okay all you healthy people - I've seen enough on here to be convinced that acne can definitely be related to the foods you eat, and it seems most people agree that cutting out/down on carbs and sugar are a good bet. But do you think this would hold true for ALL acne sufferers? My acne problems started out moderate, then after a bit took a dip for a few years and were pretty mild, but now it's coming back again. As far as food is concerned, those years where it was mild I ate whatever I wanted,
  13. I always spent tons of time waiting to see the doctor, then they'd rush in for five minutes and boom, gone again. Very few of them seem to bother sitting down and talking with you and trying to figure things out and discussion different options -- they just look at your face, throw a prescription at you and say 'come back in 3 months'. My skin isn't doing so hot right now but I'm pretty much trying everything else I can before thinking about going back to a derm. I hope the prescription works
  14. I tried that pore gripping cloth and it didn't do a thing. It didn't even feel much different from a washcloth. Maybe it works for some people but I thought it was useless.