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  1. If everybody was so fucking responsible, IPledge never would have came about. It was implemented because girls weren't fucking responsible enough to keep their legs closed, so, out came a mutant baby. Over and over and over. Christ, you fucking people really are small minded.
  2. No, I just did. This board sucks ass. Seriously. Every fucking week there's the same conversation and every fucking week you morons back up the other moron who thinks it's ok to defy the rules. Fuck all of you.
  3. I may as well just jump on the bandwagon - Do whatever you want! Don't take birth control and screw like monkeys. Who cares! You're responsible! You know what you're doing!
  4. It's necessary because you never know what tomorrow will bring. I checked the gal's profile and she admits and has posted that she is sexually active. It's not as though she's a virgin who's saving herself for marriage. If the ex boyfriend came back around tomorrow, like she'd been hoping he would, or whatever - there's a chance that she would become sexually active again. I think most of us can agree that in the heat of the moment with a passionate lover, our senses sometimes go out the window.
  5. Right, screw the rules. They're not necessary. It's not as though they're in place because there's a valid reason for them. Why don't we just forget all the rules and live in total chaos? If you don't think it's necessary, then it doesn't apply to you. @@
  6. But it really doesn't boil down to self control. If the manufacturers of this drug and the government thought it best to leave it in the hands of the users, IPledge - along with all it's rules and regulations - would not exist. What the hell has this world come to when people think it's ok to violate the rules and, in turn, condone violating the rules? VERY IMPORTANT rules, none the less. I'm not talking about taking too many breaks at work, or not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign at 2am
  7. Wynne, I have seen you making the comment, so sure that each "woman" is mature....many times when this comes up. You have such faith in people, which is a great thing...but let's not forget that IPledge was implimented for a reason. I only wish that I could be as optomistic as you are all the time - it is such a great trait to have - but we must not lose track of the reality, either. This person may or mat not be a responsible woman, but as I stated before, the rules are in place for a reason.
  8. The responsible thing to do would be to stay honest about your BC situation with your derm. You say that you're not sexually active, but nobody ever knows what tomorrow will bring, even if we think we're sure. IPledge was created because of girls just like you who didn't think it was a big deal to be on birth control while taking accutane. Now with IPledge implimented, it is people like you who will eventually have accutane pulled off the shelves and ruin it for people who are suffering with acn
  9. You don't HAVE to take it with a fatty food. Vitamin A is fat soluble, so it will get into your system quicker with fatty food, but you don't have to go overboard. Taking it with a boiled egg, an avacado or a piece of bread with butter would be sufficient. I have seen this discussed so many times. Being on accutane does not mean that you have to eat fried, greasy, fatty foods every meal of the day. That would be ridiculous. Just eat like you normally would and take the pills with meals.
  10. I prefer Purpose Gentile Cleanser just because Cetaphil burned my skin. For a moisturizer, I use DML Forte. You have to ask the pharmacist for it, because they keep it behind the counter - but you don't need a prescription. It is the absolute best moisturizer that I have ever used in my life.
  11. I'm not really familiar with the products, as Cetaphil burned the hell out of my skin when i tried to use it in month 1, but I would imagine if you're using it on your face, the word "facial" on the bottle probably it's a safe bet. Be sure to get the liquid wash in a bottle, though....the bar soaps can collect bacteria and whatnot while in the shower. Yuk.
  12. I did ONE 40mg pill a day for my first month, too. That seems to be the norm. Mostly, I think, because most generics don't come in a 20mg pill. Good luck!