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  1. I'm planning on going on birth control, preferably Yaz, because I heard many good things about it... especially with controlling acne. I don't have health insurance currently. I don't know if this matters because people I know have said health insurance doesn't cover birth control. But anyway. How much could I expect to pay to get on Yaz? If it's expensive, do you recommend any other birth control that would help with acne? Thanks in advance
  2. you know what significantly cleared me out? i used to be on dan's regimen and thought it worked pretty well for me, but couldn't take the dryness and since it didn't do much with the "texture" of my skin, i wasn't completely satisfied with it. so here's what i do. - i wash my face with a mild cleanser. (i use eucerin's redness relief cleanser gel. it cleans your face well and doesn't dry my face out. it's the only cleanser i've used so far that i could say i'm completely satisfied with.)
  3. so summer is coming! i'm very excited. bikini time! every summer, i used to just shave the parts that my bikini would show (you know, down there). but this year, i'm thinking of just brazilian waxing that whole thing. i've never had waxing done before, so i'm a bit scared (?). i've shaved, only because it's obviously pain free. but i heard from somebody that brazilian wax is most painful wax ever! ouch. (for those of who you don't know what brazilian wax is, it's when you wax everything
  4. i have combination skin. i put my everyday minerals makeup in the morning before heading off to work. by lunchtime, it looks okay. than by early evening, BAM! i have spots of the makeup all over my face. it literally looks like my skin ate spots of my makeup. i tried using blotting oil paper during afternoon to see if that would make any different in absorbing oil off my face, but it doesnt exactly seem to help all that much... anybody have/had this problem before??
  5. THE HOME REMEDY: ASPIRIN THE REALITY: Since generic aspirin contains salicylic acid, a prime ingredient in many acne mediations, crushing a tablet with a few drops of water to form a paste and dotting it on a zit might help heal it, according to Leslie Baumann, director of cosmetic dermatology at the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami. "It could penetrate to the oil in the pore, helping it exfoliate and employing anti-inflammatory properties," she says. But the pros caution a
  6. i have a question.. there was a post about how many times u guys clean your makeup brushes.. i recently received my EM makeups + the kabuki brush how do u clean the brush?? im fairly new to this whole mineral make up thing.. thanx in advance
  7. i just recently started using everyday minerals because almost everybody seemed to LOVE it. though everyday minerals are cheaper than bare minerals, being a full time college student, i'm on a budget with spending money... especially when i've spent so much money for this holiday season anyway, i'll get to the point. if you're looking to buy everyday minerals BEFORE dec 31st, enter the promo code "QsBLfs" you'll save 10% on your total (excluding s&h). 10% might not be THAT much on saving
  8. for the first time in my life, i decided to go see a derm... my face has been fairly clear compared to before, but recently i broke out BAD. my face literally HURTS from the massive break out i had. i dont have insurance tho. how much did u guys pay for your derm visit alone? how much should i expect to pay for the medications? tho im aware that diff medications means diff prices... im just tryin to feel the price range so i know what to expect at least. thanks in advance
  9. im going to asia next week, meaning i'll be stuck in the plane for about a good 17 hours. for the carry-on, i can only take anything less then 3 oz. so i was looking for the neutrogena on the spot to take as a carry on instead of the dkr gel. i couldnt find it ANYWHERE around my house (i live in d.c area) did they discountinue this??? anybody know?
  10. i picked up the stridex power pads that contains 2.5% bp... would it be okay for me to substitute this for the neutrogena on the spot? i just tried the stridex powder pads and i love that my face isn't overly drying and it doesnt take as long to put it on my face.
  11. i've been getting a few pimples here and there lately. it's not quite as bad as it might've been in the past, but it gets frustrating just when you thought you were "done" with acne, it comes back. i was looking online for some natural way to get rid of them and to prevent new ones... a few websites suggested "turmeric powder". it seems that a lot of people found this pretty helpful... but i'm kinda scared to try it. especially because they suggested mixing 1 tsp with water 3 times a day, AN
  12. i used to be scared to wear false eyelashes.. but when i'm trying to do a smokey-eye, it looks so much better with it on. i love it!
  13. i'm fair skinned too, but not oily, and not dry. no i don't mean the lemon juices in the green bottles... i used the fresh lemons instead since my mom said it would work better with fresh lemon. i know it might sound like a waste to buy a whole lemon for just 1-2 drops, but you can always save the rest for something else i hope it works! goodluck.
  14. i actually had one of thoes on my cheek... i guess it varies on people, but for me, neosporin didn't do much for me. my mom suggested for me to mix honey with a drop or two of fresh lemon juice. i applied it, and put a bandaid on it when i would goto sleep at night. it diappeared in about 2 days. during the day, i used a philosophy's on a clear day h202 on the spot so bacteria's won't make it any worse. well, it worked for me so if you decide to try it out, hope it works.
  15. i can't find a good make-up remover... everytime i bought a makeup remover, it ended up being too oily or didn't do much to remove make up (i wear foundation, mascara, eye shadow on a daily basis). so if you know any make-up removers you would recommend that won't let my skin break out like crazy, please tell me!