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  1. i think this is a very good idea i have the same problem as you i go 100% clear /oil free on accutane but when i go off it eventually oil then spots return!im on my 4th course now its crazy!id really like to dry micro dose accutane to maintain my skin seems like the only answer...........
  2. do i spray the protectant spray on and use straightner straight away or wait until thermal spray drys in the hair??i ask this because when i spray it on and then use straightner it steams/sizzles alot
  3. thanks very much guys appreciate the replies ill try them out
  4. hi does anyone know a good product for dry hair?before tane my hair was really oily now its very dry plus i straighten my hair on weekends which doesnt help.its very dry at the moment and damaged any help would be appreciated
  5. <---also from ireland here i drink every weekend with my mates no side effects at all on month 5,4th course,blood tests fine no biggie!
  6. yes drink does leave your system by the next day but id rather give my body a rest plus when i drink on the weekends id prob drink about 10 bottles a night thats friday and saturday night.i dont do this every weekend roughly about every 2nd weekend during the week i juice everyday and drink lemon in hot water try to be healthy as i can really and ive had no problems so far on 40 ml a day of roaccutane i still dont recommend this however if you must drink becareful
  7. im on month 5 now and i drink nearly every weekend i skip my dose the whole weekend if im drinkin and ive had no problems so far.im not promoting this but only sharing my experience with you
  8. brilliant idea ill be seeing him this friday so ill say that to him then and ill let you know how it goes thanks very much for your adivce much appreciated
  9. but if i ask my doctor for 10 ml pills would he not question me as too why i want them?surely he would get suspicious im doin long term low dose and not give me any.....
  10. i dont think it will to be honest but i doubt it will help your skin try cut down a bit even.goodluck.
  11. yes i also think you could just be over anxious about accutane which is making you get sick just relax drink plenty of water if this persists then get in touch with your derm or doc. Brian
  12. i also have the same problem as you been on and off it so many times and acne returns i think this is the case for alot of people.im on my 5th course now month six of 40mg a day and my skin is already 95 % clear however i know once i come off acne will return.so should i start low dose now?i can only get 20 ml tablets thought so what way would you recommend spacing it out??