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  1. So went to the dermatologist and she prescribed me the gel again and told me that it’s definitely not worth it to start a second course of accutane. The oil might come back along with the acne. It’s a waste of time and no money since starting a second course is just like gambling. So yeah! Going to continue the gel and see how it goes. She told me that despite my hormones levels being normal, your genes for oily skin are still here and will continue till you are 25-26 ish. Just keep a strict reg
  2. I went to the derm and she suggested that I stay on the gel for the next couple of months. She said it’s not worth it for me to do a second round of accutane as if your genes say that your acne will stop at a certain age, accutane won’t help much but can only stop it when you are actually on it. I will try my best on my end and actually just discovered that my cousin had a severe case too but it’s related to stress. I know that severe cases of acne due to stress are rare, and normally I am the
  3. Unfortunately my appointment with the derm is rescheduled for tomorrow. I’ll let you guys know
  4. Thank you so much ❤️ Yes I am using the same cleanser since the past few months because it removes everything while leaving my skin soft and smooth afterwards. I am heading to the derm tomorrow and shall ask! I’ve tried a combination of adapalene and benzoyl peroxide together with a sulfur spot lotion but unfortunately it did not work. This is the first time ever that a topical is working for me that is the isotretinoin erythromycin gel. Before nothing ever worked. The only things that worked we
  5. Thank you so much for our replies ❤️❤️ I always had a simple skin care since I started having acne. Avenue milk gentle cleanser for sensitive skin and Avene moisturizer for sensitive skin as well. Since the acne came back after accutane, I started using the gel which is a combination of tretinoin and erythromycin. And as sunscreen I use uriage brand for sensitive skin again I wash my face twice a day, apply gel and moisturizer after. In the morning same but I apply a final layer of sunscreen sp
  6. thank you so much My diet is pretty much like you. I considered myself vegan except i eat only chicken sometimes. Thank you again!
  7. Thank you so much Klessard I am already a maniac when it comes to cleaning haha but I will definitely look into this product!
  8. Wear sunscreen everyday And it will pass. Its really not bad at all.
  9. Thank you so much for replying Unfortunately i had stopped all kinds of oils now for 2 years now and i never really buy onions except when they serve me in restaurants Strange thing is i think is that my acne is being caused by something which i have no idea of. Unless it's genetics then i am to be blamed for and can't do much about it i guess.
  10. My Name is Travis. Currently 22. Never really had acne as a teen except for the odd spot. I was washing my face with soap and no skincare whatever. My face was SUPER DRY. At 19 I started getting the odd spot again, in a matter of 6 months, my acne became nodular to cystic acne mostly on my cheeks forehead nose and jawline. I have tried everything from topicals to Doxy to probiotics to vitamins D A E C K to cutting out dairy to cavemen regimen to eating a vegan diet to eating a vegetarian diet an
  11. Some more information about me: I've tried switching diets, stopping dairy, reducing calorie intake, fish oil, starting/stopping multivitamins, sleeping patterns, exercising more often and less often. Still no improvements in the past.
  12. Thank you so much yeah i guess accutane is the best option for me. One month in and my face went back to what it was before starting to break out, that is, dry skin. When i started breaking out badly, the only thing i've noticed with my skin is how greasy and shiny it became. I don't use harsh chemicals or wash my face too often, so that was not the problem (Tried the caveman regimen at a certain point). Drinking 4 litres of water day, i guess its fine to blame hormones. Well, it sucks for acne
  13. Is it possible to have bad acne at 19 years old? My skin went from clear to nodular prone acne skin just after turning 19 years old. Would be great for some advice. Thank you! My Dermatologist put me on accutane right after Doxy where acne came back after one month after completing my 4 month treatment. Currently on 40 mg a day for my first 2 months. Never thought that accutane was going to be my last resort since skin went from clear to bad pustular/nodular acne on cheeks and mild acne on chin