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  1. I think I have sensitive and breakout prone skin, but can't seem to find any right combination of products that work. 1) I have blackheads on my nose and sometimes my forehead. 2) I have really oily skin that gets shiny quickly. 3) I have little red/not red bumps on my forehead and my right cheek (getting smaller, but spreading?) I've tried alot of over-the-counter products. Cleansers, cleansers with a washcloth or a mechanical scrub, toners, 3% hydrogen peroxide, 5% BP, moisturizers and BHA.
  2. I have pretty good skin. It's oily, but I don't have anything really bad. But, it seems that now and then, I get a random large zit and more recently a large cyst zit on my chin. Figures I'd have it for my 16th birthday. Is this just from stress or is my skin getting worse very slowly? And what's the most effective way to keep my skin nice looking without having to worry about it.