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  1. So I know my skin is supposed to get dry on the acne.org regimen and I'm cool with that. It's annoying to deal with but I know my acne is going away. I apply the BP I let it dry completely into my skin then I apply the AHA with a bit of moisturizer and some jojoba oil. Once that is dried into my skin it kinda still feels a little tacky and sticky so I wait a bit and go over it with a tad bit more jojoba oil but then all these balls start forming and it feels like dry skin clumping up and rubbing
  2. This isn't advice lol so I'm not really being useful but just wana let you know you're not alone. It's been a month for me and my acne is gone, there's just some red scarring so I still want to lightly cover it. I've been using the Chanel aqua liquid foundation which is pretty much like water and it still cakes!? I only apply one thin layer to reduce redness slightly and it still happens. All I can suggest is moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. 90% of the time it's just because of dryness. Good
  3. You must must must do this twice a day otherwise results will not be satisfactory! Try washing your face and applying the BP before you get dressed so while you're changing, the BP is drying on your face. When it's fully absorbed apply the moisturiser. I put one pump with about 3 drops of jojoba oil and gently rub into my skin. Then I do another pump on top. I find it absorbs faster instead of slopping 2 pumps on my face at once (it's too much and takes forever to rub in). At this point the trea
  4. Hmmm.. I think I read that ACV as a cleanser is basically just getting a cotton pad and soaking it with the ACV, rubbing it on your face directly and washing it off. ACV is VERY strong lol and I wouldn't recommend putting it onto your skin by itself like that. That's why I like it as a toner because it is mixed with water, plus you don't have to wash it off so it just seeps into your skin all day/night and does its job. But then again using it without a cleanser first might throw off your skins
  5. If you want to keep it really basic, ACV will dry your skin out so make sure whatever you use to moisturize can be good enough for this. The purpose of a toner is to bring your skins pH level back to normal after you cleanse. If you aren't cleansing I'm not sure how well your skin will react to ACV. If you're willing to actually have just a mild routine, I would recommend Vichy Normaderm cleanser. It's very light and gentle. Rub softly into your skin for 10 seconds or less and pat dry. Then you
  6. I've used coconut oil as a moisturiser for my face and entire body for 4 years. I have oily skin naturally but I find this doesn't leave my face greasy. I apply a bit at a time to avoid that and once it sits and absorbs it's not oily at all (at least for me) But at night I soak my face in it lol it helps with scarring and redness too. The acne.org moisturiser is actually on the natural side. There are a few minor synthetic things, like one or two, but its mostly plant and oil extracts. Use that
  7. If you don't care in front of your bf you shouldn't care in front of your friends. I always tell my friends when I'm feeling insecure anyways. That's why they're my friends! I'll just say "damn the breakout on my face right now is so ridiculous I hate it" and 10000% of the time they reply with "Seriously? It's not even bad...." I wouldn't worry about it at all. If you really are self-conscious just wear your makeup and wash it off right before you sleep. At least you don't have to feel down all
  8. What do you wash your face with? What things have you tried in the past?
  9. No problem! I used the Vichy Normaderm line. The bottle of toner and cleanser lasted me like 8 months. I didn't repurchase the toner because although it was amazing and hydrating, it didn't do anything for my acne. It didn't make me break out but it didn't help clear my skin either so I went with the ACV and water toner. When I bought it, the packaging was light blue. I think they changed it to green now. I didn't look deeply into it though so they MAY HAVE changed the formula or maybe just the
  10. For everyone in this post, I think we all need to remember that every tiny little flaw that we have, we always make it seem like it is SO MUCH WORSE than it actually is. Sometimes I point something out on my face and my friends/family are like "Oh i didn't even notice it" meanwhile I felt like everyone's been staring at it all day. I hate that the people who judge us most are ourselves. To me, looking at your cheek isn't even bad. It's normal. I know that even when my friends come to my house I
  11. I think they're too distracted with other things to notice lol. I have minor breakouts on my back (it used to be really bad I hated wearing tank tops or open-back shirts) and sometimes my bf will put his hand up my shirt and give me a back rub. I always get a little insecure but then he keeps going and doesn't comment. And if a guy is going to judge you on that then damn he don't deserve sex with you! Lmao
  12. Oh then yeah you've given it enough time to try it out to know how well it's working for you. Try out the new products then and see how it goes Good luck!!
  13. I just started using the acne.org regimen a week ago. I follow the instructions very specifically. Cleanser, Benzoyl Peroxide, Moisturiser. It's been great so far. I lather two pumps of cleanser in my hands for 10 seconds until its super rich then i glide it gently over my face for 10 seconds then wash. Once I pat dry and wait about a minute until completely dry, I apply one pump of Benzoyl peroxide. My fingers dont even touch my face, I let the product do the work. Once that's dry (about 3 minu
  14. Personally I think if the regimen has been working for you stick to it! We all go crazy finding something that works and if you found it, don't let it go lol! If it hasn't done anything amazing then try out the Avalon. Turmeric is really good for your skin. Mix it with Greek yogurt, honey and lemon and you're good. Mint and honey is another amazing combination. It's my go-to. Or go on amazon and get the jar of Aztec Indian Healing clay, mix it with apple cider vinegar and put the mask on for 15-