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  1. great info. i hate wasting my money on these over-the-counter products, what total commercialized BS. the ONLY thing that works for redmarks is vbeam. im definitely getting it done soon. ive never went to a derm before, hope i dont pick a bad one.. lol. i wish i could go to your derm james77, hah
  2. salicylic acid, 10% glycolic AHA, deming intense IG with r-ALA, moisturizer w/ sunscreen, an exfoliant just basically stuff to prevent any new pimples from forming and to keep my skin as healthy as possible and dont forget lots of sleep, water, and 30 min of daily exercise
  3. yeah, i agree. a ton of red marks will ruin your entire face, no matter how good it may look. if youve waited a long time already without any prolonged sun exposure (tanning will make them last forever) or BP, then you should go see a derm and get professional treatment (vbeam, etc).
  4. its the same situation for me. my forehead is completely clear of red marks, but there are like 50 of them on my cheeks... it sucks. no topical medications really works to tell you the truth... you just have to wait.
  5. lol smoking makes me breakout cuz i always want to touch my face for some reason
  6. will it clog up pores?
  7. drk = dan kern regimen aha = alpha hydroxy acid (i think)
  8. of course. water flushes out your skin, thus making it more even. you should drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. i usually drink a gallon+ a day.
  9. mine take 6+ months as well to heal. using BP makes them take even longer. theres nothing you can do but wait. you should consider using deming's IG with r-ALA to make them less noticeable. but really, only thing that works is time, a good moisturizer, lots of sleep, exercise, lots of water, and a good clean diet.
  10. get a mystic tan or something similar. real tanning makes your redspots last much MUCH longer. its not worth it. and plus, theres tons of other bad stuff it does to your skin. a spray tan at a professional salon looks better as its more even and doesnt have the adverse health effects. it does a great job of hiding redspots as well.
  11. Ive been using DKR for about 4 months now. What Ive noticed is that although BP decreases the frequency of your breakouts, it makes your redmarks stay on your face for about an eternity. I stopped using BP for about a week (and counting) and my redmarks have been significantly reduced. I now use salicylic acid when I have no active pimples, and AHA when I do have active pimples. Just thought this might be helpful for those currently on DKR who are as frustrated with their redspots as I was.