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  1. Hey Lamarr! Thank you so much for your reply! Glad to have your support here.. Do you have a gauge on how deep we must go in order to know its the RIGHT depth? I did my first session and drew some blood but I fear it was not deep enough.. no sound heard btw.. Btw.. why cant we needle our forehead or temples? And what if the scar is like a pin size hole, should we still poke inside and make it deeper? Thought of possibly making it deeper is scary...
  2. May I please ask... regarding the scab.. do you refer to those THICK & HARD scabs we form like when we fall down etc..? Not the thin, dead skin like scab which just needs light exfoliation to remove right? so then wouldnt it be right to start remodeling scars with strong methods, then use light methods to maintain and such?
  3. I have been using CP serum for about half a year now... Along with rolling, I think that my skin is starting to show good improvements.. slowly but surely! I just posted a review on this product but it isnt showing yet. Very hopeful of this working out! Looks positive! Cheers! Misskin
  4. Hi guys I want to try out Lamarr's method and have a few questions... 1) where do you buy the needle stopper? I cant seem to find them anywhere! (I'm in Asia.. so is there an online shop or something?) 2) Do you put the needle stopper at 1mm (meaning at anytime penetration is at 1mm)? Or I read below that you said poking at an angle between 3-4mm... so what is the mininum and maximum penetration for needling? 3) I read from somewhere that we should poke untill we hear a POPPING s
  5. A dermatologist is a doctor who went to medical school & can give you prescription only treatments. They treat everything from skin cancer to acne; pretty much any skin ailment. If you have health insurance, you can probably get a derm visit covered by it. Salons have estheticians, who went to cosmetology school & specialize in non-medical skin care. They cannot prescribe you anything & are not doctors. They do stuff like facials & waxing & use OTC products that are "salon q
  6. Lac-Hydrin Five is the most gentle of the bunch. Lactic acid is gentler than glycolic acid. However, glycolic acid (the Neutrogena one) would probably be your better bet for fading redmarks more quickly. Lac-Hydrin Five is great for flakes & moisturizing though. I've never tried Neutrogena's, but a lot of people like it. I always recommend Lac-Hydrin Five, and it's great for daytime as it's very non-greasy. BTW, I went to the derm & am now doing a modified DKR with Ziana (2 generics act
  7. Hi.. would it be possible to see some pictures of your progress?
  8. Hi there, I've been on this routine since around April. My outbreaks have mostly been controlled, not many outbreaks anymore, but not totally clear. There are still small pimples here and there. Please look at my pictures. 1) When do I know I can stop BP? 2) Do I look like I can stop BP now? 3) On the red scars left, what can I do about them? 4) How about the large pores? I realised that while on this routine, even the skin around my temples and under eye.. have grown to be large pores..
  9. Thanks incubus for your reply! So you had skin exactly like mine? With fine lines and stuff? So what did you do.. how's your skin now? I bought some jojoba oil too. I sometimes apply it before BP.. sometimes after... Do you mean to say that the fine lines I see.. will go away after my skin heals? They are not permanent are they?
  10. Hi, I've read about using mineral make up has benefits and is good for acne prone skin. However, I've also read that... we should steer away from mineral make up companies that uses micronized / nano forms of minerals. titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (which is used in mineral make up) .. can be hazardous to our health on the long run. I just wanted to check ... if anyone has heard of these?