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  1. has it filled in by now? i am suffering from the same adverse effects of a cortisone shot...

    oh don't worry it leveled out--but it took a little bit of time. i just put a LOT of tazorac and/or my retin-a cream (tretin-x). for a couple weeks it looked like it was never going to go away, but it just eventually did. put topicals on it to help it exfoliate, it sounds weird because the skin is sinking in, but it helps a lot! i don't know when i wrote that last post, but it's probably been a good 3 weeks since it's been filled in, if that helps. good luck :)

  2. check it out:


    my derm injected cortisone into a cyst over a week ago, and for some reason i SWEAR it looks like there's an inverted little dimple in that spot now. there's hyperpigmentation, of course, but i think there skin has recessed there....has this happened on anyone?! why is it doing this?! will my skin level out back to normal?!??!?!?!?! :think:

    (or should i just use retin-a on it every night.....aghhhhhhhh)

  3. homeboy needs to get online and post more pics! its mid-july!

    PS-it made me happy to see that a guy with a positive attitude w/acne lives in AUSTIN, i'm in SA! when i read these blogs no one is ever near me. not like that means anything, but i have 500,000 friends that go to ut. (are you from austin??)

    PPS i just read your whole journey today. oy vei! you rock.

  4. hi has anybody use oracea for acne control, which is 40 mg doxy, it does not kill bacteria but is anti-inflammatry and can take as long as you need to.

    who knows? i just got prescribed it because i'm trying to 'wean' off antibiotics in general, even though i've been on mino for a couple years then erythromycin for the last year...sooo...i'm starting to break out now, who knows? :/

  5. I agree with Tasha, I went through the exact same thing. Get on the candida diet, and get checked for candida/yeast infections when you are going off the Antibiotic. I believe that yeast infections are the reason people break out after they go off antibiotics.

    Get a good Probiotic aswell.

    okay SO, i just got prescribed on Oracea?? apparently it's a super low-dose (40 mg!) doxycycline, but the dosage is too low to function as a regular antibiotic so i won't get immune to it--my derm said i need to go off mino, then take this low-dose prescription for a couple weeks (weaning off the drugs) straight and if my skin is still okay, then just take it once a week, then as needed (like right before period if i want). hopefully...my skin won't flare up!

    beside that, tell me what ya'll think of carrot juice--i've heard people rave about it..should i drink like a glass a day maybe??

  6. Omg, no do not quit cold turkey. Guess what...it's been 7 months since I started my post-antibiotic breakout! If I had NOT stopped cold turkey, I'm sure that this would not have happened with the severity it did.

    I am not the only one. There are plenty of people in the antibiotics sub forum that have gone through this, with the breakout lasting for ages and ages, and not only that, but with a SEVERITY not previously experienced.

    Cold turkey...worst advice ever.

    so your skin hasn't gotten better yet at all since you've been off it???

    the whole reason i went on another whole search of products is because i quit mino in the first place and broke with--like you said--HORRIBLE acne i've never experienced before. i let it go on for maybe 2 months then continued my derm to get put right back on antibiotics :/

  7. Overall, antibiotics are trouble, avoid them at all costs - taking them for acne should be illegal with the rapidity of bacterial evolution that leads to immunities.

    That being said, you're most likely going to have a bad breakout once you stop taking them. I took them for 3 months along with BP and during those months I had awesome skin - after I quit them (realizing the harm) I had a horrible breakout even while using BP.

    It is worth it though, your overall health needs to come first. After being on a typical diet used by members of this forum you'll find major changes in your mental and physical aspects of life - along with clear skin. I've been on an 'anti-acne' diet now for a couple months, it takes some patience and testing to see what foods are viable but it's the best thing for your body and skin.

    I'd highly suggest going cold turkey. Get the breakout out of the way and get on with the healthy, the sooner you start the sooner you'll get naturally clear.

    how long did it take you to get through the initial breakout after quitting antibiotics cold turkey??? when i quit originally, it felt like it was never going to end!!! :confused:

  8. ah! recently got switched to another antibiotic, been jumping antibiotics for about 3 years now (from dynacin to solodyn to spironolactone to clindymacin to generic minocycline which i'm on now), one for every year. i realized i'll probably continue to juggle antibiotics for the rest of my life, so here's the question:

    i should wean myself off an antibiotic, right?

    assuming i'll probably still break out because i won't be on a antibiotic at all, what's the best approach to clear my skin up holistically?!

    thanks ya'll :):pray:

  9. okay so no joke, i've been clear for awhile! it got down to the point where i was clear but would have maybe one or two new cysts a week, then one every couple weeks..it just takes time. but now i've been on it since what, june, and it's october..wondering if i'm going to go off it anytime soon?!?!

    (i'm also really clear except for the super occasional random weird zit that pops up, not a kind of zit i've ever had before. i also moved to a way more humid state and now i'm breakin out on my forehead and have no clue what to do!)

  10. just fyi! duac rocks, keep it in the fridge though. the first few days i could feel it combating cysts, and the pharmacist told me it's ok to leave it room temp because they just keep it refrigerated until patients get it...and i've noticed a HUGE difference in how effective it's been. now that i've left it out of the fridge for a month, it's definitely starting to suck :/ so keep it in the fridge! :dance:

  11. i'm on 400 mg 2x a day, been on it for about two weeks (will be on it for 4 more weeks)...before & after pics:

    left cheek: http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/6176/leftcheekhd8.jpg

    right cheek: http://img111.imageshack.us/img111/6484/rightcheekau3.jpg

    why is my left cheek worse?!

    is this drug just pulling forward all of my unforseen pimples/cysts that weren't to the surface when i started taking it, making me look worse before i look better? yarrrg! :think:

    doesn't seem like many people take this but whoever has, PLEEEEEEEASE give me your input :pray:

  12. Day 50:

    So its been 50 days, decided to count again for fun or something... I dont know. Anyways, I just came back from my derm appt. and he said, " Absolutely not, theres no reason to put a healthy young man on accutane and even if I wanted too, ur acne does not qualify. I know a congress man's son who suicide because of this drug and If anything happens to you while on it, I could lose my license". Blah blah blah! womp womp womp... FUCK!

    -So now im stuck with minocycline for 4 months, twice/day and he said not too eat an hour before taking it and 2 hours after taking it. Eventhough I've seen good results with antibiotics its just a temporary solutions... im gonna have to keep going to this fucking guy until my puberty ends and that could take a while... Fuck, im pretty pissed.

    Anyways, best of luck to all of you guys suffering with cne and keep ur chin up!

  13. no joke. i hate mirrors. even when i'm washing my face in the morning/night i just leave a faint faint light on, and i'm like "oooh! i have such pretty skin" haha because i can't really see myself that clear. believe me that's cured my random crying breakdowns at night...but accutane prevents and gets rid of acne scars???!!

  14. Hi,

    I'm new to this board and was wondering if any one could give me some advice for covering up red marks. I don't have terrible skin, so I don't need full coverage on my whole face, but the red marks are quite unpleasant. The make-up I've used in the past covered them up to a certain extent, but they were still noticable. Any advice or tips would be great. Thanks!

    rush right now to neimans or sephora and get the laura mercier secret camouflage in whatever color matches your skin. its spectacular! i bought it today becuase i was reading some peoples suggestions in these forums and, well, i LOVE IT. it looks like i have pretty much flawless skin...people use this stuff to cover up tatoos too, but it look natural (its crazy!) and it wont clog our poor acne-ridden pores. plus it has chamomile in it to calm too :)

  15. ok so i keep reading about this line in magazines, almost everything is vegan (yahoo!), most of it is a high percentage organic, but i think everything is oil-based. here's the website:


    what do ya'll think? probably should steer clear of this line? it just looks so awesome, a holistic way to get maybe clear skin instead of all this stupid duac and tazorac and such that keeps irritating my skin :/

  16. I've never had bad skin, really, a few teenagerish zits here & there, and at the derm one day for something totally unrelated to my face, she was like "oh we can take care of those little whiteheads on your forehead" and put me on dynacin.

    i was on 90 mg dynacin for a few months (as well as usting differin at night mixed in w/moisturizer) and my skin was FLAWLESS in a couple months. i made the switch to solodyn when it came out (derm said "it's time release, big whoop, but you're goin on it"), and nothing really changed, and a few months after that she put me on the 45 mg to start weening me off it i guess??

    so, another few months and i decide to quit solodyn cold turkey (in august) because i heard it's bad to be on an antibiotic too long--i also noticed it was starting to be less effective. subsequently, my grandma died in august, and i started noticing my skin to get more breakouts in late sept./december. why!!! then, as the months wore on, my skin got worse and worse and around january i started getting actual cysts (god those things HURT! never had them before) and i finally went to a derm in march.

    before this i had normal skin/got zits a couple times a month, and i wonder if my quitting solodyn caused my abnormal acne?? can the skin go in shock??? my derm said that isn't the cause, put me on spironolactone/tazorac/duac/klaron/steifel ZNP bar and so i'm using that, it's been 6 weeks and its starting to get better, but i just wonder what the cause of it is.

    stress or quitting Minocycline??? what do you guys think?? :wacko:

  17. gah, i loved this prescription. never cost me a penny, though, my derm gave me a $30 coupoun (still....400 bucks?!?! :confused: anyway, i was originally on dynacin and then switched when solodyn came out. my skin was perfectly clear and so my derm moved me from the 90 mg to the 45 mg and i started noticing a couple zits a month (as opposed to zero) and when i realized being on antibiotics for too long is bad, i went off it cold turkey. fast forward a couple months and right now i'm battling horribly cycstic acne...i've NEVER experienced cycstic acne in my life! got zits on cheeks/jaw (never had those before) so meh. toyed with the idea of going back on it except derm has me on 23948 other things :eh: