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  1. okay my friend reads all those pick up books and he always asks funny questions! i.e 'hey can i ask you a quick question- you know my little pony's? my friend and i are having an argument over whether they had special powers or not? i thought they could only fly and that was it? 'do you think david bowie is hot? my niece wants a poster of his for her birthday but i'm not sure whther this is appropriate for a 7 year old to be attracted to an 57 year old guy who used to dress up like a div whe
  2. yeah i know what you are saying guys and i guess it is a case of really looking at myself and starting to learn how to socialise in places where before i was reliant on alcohol to aid the process. alcohol is pretty much my only vice- i need to find a more natural way of feeling great because drinking sure as hell doesn't- if anything it makes you feel worse. often when i have a drink i will look in the mirror in the bathroom of the club and think 'you ugly so and so' but i dont think of myslef t
  3. since i have drastically reduced my alcohol intake i am finding myself a social outcast. i feel at new years i am all quiet in the corner drinking my H20! why do people permanently feel the need to take the piss out of you if you aren't drinking? 'come on have a beer you pussy' etc etc. i wanna go out with my friends into the city and have a night out but i just don't have the social circle which allows for me to go out and drink water. i avoid sugary drinks too so apart from fruit juices my sel
  4. i just wanna say i quit all medication from my derm 2 months ago. when i first went he prescribed me some kind of tetrasyl and differin- all went swimmingly until 7 weeks later when my face was it same old nodule self. then the dr gave me a different drug- minocycline- that one never worked at all. i am not spotty all over my face i just get nodules, i usually have about 2 on the go at any one time. its very frustrating. originally i did a half ass effort at having a good diet. but since my las
  5. Just a quick post to say that i have had severe acne for 6 years- in particular nodules- the bp/moisturize regime on here did not help these nodules and in general was not working out for me - especially the bleaching of my clothes which sucked alot! I tried applying acv to my face- the dip regimen- oxytetracycline and drinking buckets of water but to no evail! so i went to a dermatologist in canterbury about 2 months ago- he prescribed me differin cream to be applied at night and one tablet of