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  1. I quit using cleansers, and very rarely using jojoba oil (maybe once every 2 or 3 days) and my face has cleared up quite a bit, just by pouring green tea on my face! I would use 2 bags of green, 2 bags of white, let it sit for 30 minutes and pour a teapot full on my face. I would just use regular tap water because, if it's hot, it might burn or inflame a part of your face. Has anyone else tried this? It's really working wonders for me.
  2. Good? Bad? I'm interested in your opinion, thank you in advanxce
  3. I have to agree. I've been using Tea Tree Oil on my scalp, and it looks and smells great. I'd suggest using it every other day though as it can be oily (LOL, tea tree OIL), Case doubly closed. :box:
  4. I've been using green and white tea combined as a toner. It seems to be working well, and like to mix it into my baking soda and ACV. I think I've integrated green or white tea into just about every acne prevention measure I've taken.
  5. I tried this last night, mixing the baking soda with green/white tea instead of water and the red marks on my active spots really reduced. Has anyone else tried this?
  6. I made a toner with 1/4 ACV, 1/4 fresh lemon juice, 1/2 green + white tea, a few crushed aspirin, and I squeezed 5 soft gels of Vitamin A and 4 of Vitamin E into the mixture. It seems to be working well, so I would recommend it.
  7. well, I've heard that biotin's great for skin and actually increases cell reproduction rates (which is why people use biotin for faster hair-growth) Good luck though, man. Maybe buy the B5 and other B-vitamins individually (which is a better suggestion anyways because you get more effect from taking the vitamins separately)
  8. Thanks so much! How'd the move go?


    1. Nursing is a pretty stressful job, may lead to eating for comfort. And also, if you're a nurse at a hospital, most of the food available is unhealthy. For example, the closest hospital I can think of has a McDonald's.
    2. If you're so interested in helping us, why do I have to pay 40 dollars for your stupid fucking e-book?
    3. Does anyone else's skin feel so oily and slick after using tea tree oil? I applied it directly to my face which I learned is a big no-no, but I'm still curious if anyone's face feels oily after using it. I've been using the 'Hollywood Beauty' brand.
    4. Check out the forum dedicated to Red Marks and Scarring, they should have plenty options. I've been using ACV and it seems to work, you might want to try that.
    5. I was using this day/night solution that had SPF15 but I quit today.
    6. Thanks, man. I only use this Mary Kay Timewise Sensitive 3-in-1 Cleanser, a water soak, a baking soda mask, and 1/2 ACV-Lemon; 1/2 Water toner. Is the cleanser maybe too strong?
    7. Small Flesh-Colored Pimples is a better term for it, I suppose. Any help is still appreciated, thanks.
    8. What are these small white bumps around my lips and on my face? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
    9. Hey, I have mild to moderate acne - in the midst of a pretty bad breakout. I was wondering if anybody has experience with these pills. I've been taking them recently and seen no real difference (of course, I read pills can take up to 8 weeks to show changes) but I was curious if anybody has tried it. I checked the back and saw no iodine.
    10. went through the same problem last night, buddy. good luck.
    11. Will they break you out? I've been watching my diet, eating only fruits, veggies, dry fruit, and green smoothies. Any help is appreciated, thank you.