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  1. You could definitely talk to your doctor about alternative birth control methods; just tell them your situation. You might try head and shoulders as a body wash to, I seem to remember people having good luck with that in the past? But I could be wrong . . . Good luck! =)
  2. Just let it heal by itself. If it's pink, like scar tissue, you might put a dab of neosporin (sp lol) on it it. I'm sure it will be gone in a week at most.
  3. For people buying online I suggest you pay with a CREDIT card. I use American Express. If you don't have one ask your parents. The reason is if there is any sort of issue you can work it out with the credit card company to have the charge removed. If you use a debit card I doubt you'll have much luck with your bank. Best of luck!
  4. I can answer no for my gf lololzzzz gawd, how old this was. Oops
  5. We love our customers! Today only, enjoy free shipping - no minimum! Simply enter the promotion code FREESHIP during checkout. Shop now! it has to be in all caps
  6. awesome i would kill for your back! lol i need to try this before summer thanks for the info! <3 awesome i would kill for your back! lol i need to try this before summer thanks for the info! <3
  7. 2% leave it on all day, no washing off, no dry skin, no read skin, etc etc and It does everything it needs to. 2% go at it just like milk
  8. One all over and the other just on prob areas?
  9. I find that the cheap razors are better. Yeah. the 2.99 bag with the razors with only 2 or 3 blades. Use them once or twice and chuck them. I think the ones with 5 blades or whatever are great but the start going dull just as fast. Not to mention theyre expensive as hell. So I would try the cheapo ones and see if theyre any better. I think it's also better to shave every day, if you let it grow out your skin wont be irritated for those days, but when you do shave it's worse. i think it's be
  10. Yes I would get a moisturizer with AHA to help exfoliate than you;ll be flake free
  11. I have the lotion I really like it. Just make sure not to leave it in your car on a hot day or it separates ><
  12. Have you tried moisturizer with AHA? I flaked like no other until got that just neutrageana stuff from target with like 7% AHA It also reduces redness maybe try a little less bp? or just some focused more on problem areas?