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  1. Is this a good product to use as a face wash? what are your experiences with this product? it does not state how much sacyclic acid is present.
  2. don't get muscle milk! it contains iodine! ...but i don't plan on wasting my $50 anytime soon or not...
  3. anyone get acne from whey protein shakes which contain iodine in it?
  4. skimmed a few of the posts above, and here is all i have to say: white meat chicken for the win.
  5. I think it's because our body is dehydrated from the lack of water over so many hours so our face looks clear.
  6. i read that it was harmful to take zinc on an empty stomach. what's the reasoning behind taking it on an emtpy stomach?
  7. i recommend everyone to go to whole foods supermarket and buy the zinc supplement. it contains 30 mg zinc picolinate with 2 mg copper. zinc picolinate is supposed to be the most readily absorbed. hope that helps!
  8. this is quite the debate. you can look at it from two perspectives: the early humans and modern, popular science. 1. We are creatures that were designed to live on this earth and absorb the natural sun. 2. We can focus on doctors who tell you that the sun is evil. I've been baffled by this as well so I'll stick to moderation of less than 30 minutes without sunscreen. I like to belief that skin cancer happens to people in their ages of 40-60 who have tanned at the beach constantly ever since t
  9. i read a yahoo! health article saying that taking Vitamin E is good after being in the sun for a long period of time
  10. the sun is the all natural healer kills bacteria and oil on your skin and heals scars just don't get burnt i suppose
  11. and please explain. any personal results you've seen?
  12. It would be a waste to take it twice a day =) Once is completely adequate why would it be a waste? some people here take 60mg. It couldn't hurt taking 60 right?
  13. what exactly do probiotics do?
  14. my blood got tested for a liver test and no signs of a chemical that parasites or worms release into the bloodstream showed up. can i not rely on a kaiser permanente test?!