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  1. lol sorry guys long time since I've looked at this post. I got bad redness under my eyes and around my nose and had to stop the Retin A. I was using the .4 so it was pretty strong, might've been why it didn't workout. I started Dan's in July and its worked pretty well. I use Sudacrem at night, theres a HUGE post about it on this site. My skin is pretty clear, 4-5 pimples a month. Sunscreen in the summer, plenty of Dan's moisturizer in the winter. I still think RAM is pretty good but just didnt w
  2. Redmarks have become a pretty big problem for me as I only have 1-2 active pimples at a time but because of marks it looks like 7-8
  3. No more than 1/4 of a finger until your face adjusts, you're causing more harm than good right now
  4. Follow the regimen, add things in once you're clear and only one extra thing at a time to see how you react. Honestly, the regimen itself will do more for you than all that other stuff.
  5. Sudocrem, theres a whole 30+ page thread in this forum, just search. Its done wonders for my scarring
  6. The tough thing with questions like this is they're results-based. Air-drying might help you and might break me out. I've never tried it cuz what I do works for me but if thats working for you then do it.
  7. I wait a long time after BP to use moisturizer cuz Cetaphil sucks and burns. Dan's should arrive for me tomorrow, then no more problems hopefully. Also, I had to stop jojoba oil cuz it was doing more harm than good in the breakout department
  8. I'm not a fan of Cetaphil's moisturizer, its way too greasy and doesn't do jack for flakiness unless you add jojoba oil, which breaks me out BAD. I'm waiting on Dans to come (tomorrow, hopefully). If you're going to do the once a day / twice a day alternation, do the once a day at night and give yourself about 20 minutes from the time you do the last step until you get into bed, otherwise I feel like it just rubs right off into the pillow and bleaches the hell out of it. Cetaphil's moisturizer b
  9. Suprise, suprise. Clear again, it was the smoking/jojoba oil. Still doing the regimen once a day and using the sudocrem. Smoking affects people differently, it breaks me out BAD and is about the only thing that induces a breakout that bad in me.
  10. Pat gently with a clean towel as needed, dont use water or reapply moisturizer unless you really need to
  11. I cant even count how many times I've looked in the mirror and said "what I wouldn't do for clear skin, what I wouldn't pay." 50 bucks every 2 months is an insanely low price for clear skin. If Dan's marking up the products I have NO problem with that. I hope hes driving a Benz and living in a mansion
  12. Just listen to your skin, see how much BP it can takes without getting super irritated
  13. God...this is going to sound gay but I HIGHLY doubt I'm the first guy wondering about how best to cover a zit using makeup... Without applying makeup allover the place, whats the best way to cover an individual zit? Brands that don't cause breakouts?