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  1. Why am I a goof exactly? I know aspirin is SA hence why I put in my original post that I don't break out from SA usually. I was asking about aspirin specifically.
  2. Hey guys, Just wondering whether I am alone on this as I seem to always break out when using any type of aspirin based treatment. Whether it be a good old fashioned aspirin mask or putting aspirin in my toner. The next day I seem to have little pustules pop up. For example, i put 2 aspirin in my ACV + Water (75/25) toner last night and used it. This morning I have had around 3 pustules and a few clogged pores pop up overnight. I have been somewhat in remission of my acne which is flari
  3. I'm on the fence. When I have a spot that comes to a head I hate having it on my face so I extract it. It scabs and heals within days and leaves a small red mark which heals with time. I have also had the downside and extracted, the next day a spot appears right next to the healing one so I do agree the bacteria can spread. I however will never allow a yellow or white head to stay on my face.
  4. I'm really sorry to hear of your struggle with acne coming back. I completely understand as I also gave up smoking in January this year and my face has gone haywire. Started off with small pustules on my forehead (where I have never had acne) which developed for about 4 months and now I am getting a lot of cystic activity along my jaw and mouth so I completely agree with the hormonal theory. I am also a huge picker of my face and look at and touch it constantly. When my acne was at it worst I di
  5. Hi Ladies, I am in desperate need of some help as I am having a really hard time finding a talc free setting powder from the UK without it costing the earth. I have been using Rimmel silky loose powder but I have been informed it's been discontinued . So I have set off to find another setting powder but without talc as I think it was breaking me out slightly. I have at the moment purchased the Dermablend setting powder and use it to set my Revlon Colorstay. I love the way it looks on my ski
  6. Hi all, I want to try a good sulphur soap but im a bit lost. I bought one from boots the other day called dead sea sulphur soap but after doing some research I found that it has a lot of natural oils in it, one being coconut which apparently is very bad for acne prone skin. So anyone got tips for a good sulphur soap which isn't going to break me out? My skin is improving on it's own but every so often my cystic acne pops up and I have heard good things about sulphur helping with inflammation.
  7. Hello fellow EDM'ers, Wonder if you guys can help me. I've been using the light pink blush from EDM for a while now, brushing a little on my cheeks as it covers red pigmentation quite well and gives me some extra coverage. I went to order some more today and it seems to have disappeared Does anyone know anything about them discontinuing this? And if it has, anyone got any tips on a fantastic blush from EDM that won't sit in my scars and make them look worse. Thanks in advance ladies Much lov
  8. Oh great! I still haven't used mine yet as i am so paranoid about putting any sort of cream on my face but my red marks are getting to be a joke now! Congrats on the results ukguy. Keep me informed. I will start using this next week sometime after hearing your success.
  9. I've been using this for about a month now altho i do not do the tea tree moisturiser part as i am part Greek which equals very greasy skin and moisturiser just makes it more so. Not sure about the results. I deal with cystic acne and they are still popping up. Went to my local pharmacy yesterday as i used to buy 100% tea tree oil there and was planning to start mixing that with moisturiser just at night but couldn't find any. Also ladies, what make up are you using? Because i use Revlon Colo
  10. Hey all, As the title says has anyone tried this? I'm a bit skeptical but i saw it in my local Lloyds Pharmacy and picked it up. Was about £7 though so don't want to try it without any kind of feedback about it. Says on the pack its a new Zyalight formula (?) and fades away age spots, freckles, uneven skin tone and other dark pigmentation marks. Ingredients are: aqua,lactic acid, sodium lactate, ethoxydigycol, ethylhexyl metho xycinnamate, cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, peg-100 stea
  11. Hey all, Just wondering as the subject says, if any of you have tried Savlon Gel as a topical? I used to use the cream to put on spots to try and calm them and fade red marks etc but since hearing about the gel i went out and bought some about a month ago and used this instead of the cream. Because it is a gel it dries clear and so i started wearing this under my make up. I put a finger full on both cheeks where i get cystic acne and rub it in until it dries and then i apply my make up. It do
  12. Hey all, Just wondering, i wear Revlon Colorstay in Sand Beige which is a little too dark for me but i don't really care about that. My boyfriend always tell me i look like i'm wearing a latex mask coz of where i can't blend my colorstay. Places like round the ear area and also the neck. I try my hardest to blend but with no avail. Just wondered if anyone has any tips or tricks on how to do this? Also i'm thinking of a new shade in Colorstay because as i said Sand beige is a bit dark for me an
  13. Oh honey that does look painful All i can really suggest is that you take an anti inflammatory drug (i'm from the UK and i don't know if it is the same in the US but we call it Ibuprofen) and ice those bad boys as much as you can. These will help with the swelling and the pain. And as suggested before see if there are any other derms in your area as you need that treated asap, and defo get on the Accutane. Good luck (And do not try that lemon suggestion as that could flat out hurt you)
  14. That link does not work mr. Well not for me anyways. So no, i am not satisfied! :P