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  1. thank u! :blush:

    i do hope your derm gives u tane when u ask for it. it's the only thing that let me stay off the topicals for a long time.

  2. no.. trust me.. you look good.. for me ay not maintanance talaga.. kasi may breakouts pa din ako.. and i might still go for tane..

  3. sa pics lang yun. it looks worse in the mirror...maintenance na lng ba regimen mo?...yup nagmeet kami just last wk i think. halos from the same city kami. :)

  4. ayos lang.. skinwise mas ok yung skin mo kaysa sakin..hehe.. i have an appt with my derm again this month.. kita ko yung pic niyo ni molly.. nagkita na pala kayo.. astig...

  5. ayos lang, lapit na graduation! skinwise, 2 months post tane and i often get whiteheads. long time no see! musta na? :)

  6. hey kamusta ka na? your skin looks good..

  7. nothing much although im on the last week of my vacation. :) kaw?

  8. thanks for the greet molly..=)

  9. hey...salamat po sa bati.. kamusta na?

  10. Happy birthday my friend :D

  11. happy birthday!!!

  12. trust me, i dont. ;)

  13. ok nman.. same old.. you look like the girl in your avatar pic..=p