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  1. your memory is off one letter, I went to UCF not USF. Sorry about your boys losing though.

  2. I'm well thanks, you?

  3. <8 -getting there

  4. <4

    sorry, my heart is messed up.

  5. I miss your comments. Hope all is well.

  6. hey Sven, I hope you are doing well.

  7. thanks for the kind message, so nice to come back to a msg from such a lovely lady. <3

  8. *stalk (no creep)

  9. I'm a real lazy lurker/stalker can it be a grocery store near my house and can I get a ride?
  10. this makes me want to go to the grocery store more.
  11. haha, I want to see you actually look like a mean library.

  12. more visting please

  13. but looks aren't everything. I hope. :P

  14. aww, thanks Jezerbulb, you're the sweetest!