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    Surfing, Skiing, Longboarding, Water-skiing, anything of that sort.. Also my reggae, hip-hop, etc. music.. Computers, video, photography, art.
  1. 250-300 New Zealand $ which would be about 150-200 US$.. Seems a bit steep for a consultation when all I need is a signature for a prescription..
  2. If I want to take the expensive appointment, its tomorrow. I'm thinking I might just do it because I may feel guilty/anxious about having missed so many days mid-course.. If I miss those days I'll have to be on accutane for 10 days longer anyway right? Might as well shell out the cash I guess..
  3. When I was on Minocycline about a year and a half ago I was all clear and was working out alot and drinking a lot of chocalate protein shakes.. A few months afterwards I developed immunities to the Mino(I think) and when that wore off I re-developed acne and facial rosacea, and developed really bad acne on my back and shoulders.. I still dont know why I had such a bad backlash after coming off antibiotics but I wonder if all the whey protein shakes I was taking had a part? I dunno.. I would t
  4. You guys dont think it affected you at all?
  5. So I've ran into this problem..! I went to refill my accutane prescription today and they only issued me 5 days worth of pills. This marks the end of my 100-pill prescription that the derm gave me, which is only 2 months.. Now this is obviously too short of a time, and I imagine the derm only does this so that it forces me to return mid-course and pay more money to him so he can put me on another 2-month course. So I called the dermatology office up and the derm is on leave for the next 2 wee
  6. Yeah after my body built up immunities to the antibiotics and I had to get off, I developed cystic acne on my back and shoulders.. I had never had acne back there before. It was definitely strange, my derm didnt know why it happened. Some kind of backlash after being clear? It sucked.. But it cleared and now my back is pretty much all clear.. Acne sucks!
  7. Yo.. My acne seems to be getting consistently worse while on accutane.. I'm 2 months in w/ 40mg a day and my acne this week is worse it's ever been. I'm 170 pounds so I suppose I could up my dosage but my acne has never really been severe.. I've been dealing with acne for about 5 years but minocycline had me clear for like a year and generally my acne was pretty minor(although I dealt with a lot of irritation/facial sebhorric dermatitis).. Now I've got solid moderate to severe acne developing.
  8. Just wondering how much pressure I should be applying when I'm washing my face.. Like should I be washing extremely lightly or can I apply some solid pressure when washing? I feel better actually washing with some force but it sometimes breaks the scabs that are forming on my face. This is not good right? seems inevitable.. I'm 40mg a day, 2 months in.. still breaking out worse as ever. Washing with cetaphil and neutrogena cleanser w/ salicylic acid sometimes. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the responses! Kind of a side question here: I've always felt like lotions have made me break out, even when they say oil-free.. Will an excplicitly non-comodogenic lotion such as cetaphil definitely not make me break out? And has anyone found a sunscreen that does the same? I havent had to apply much lotion so far, only after being in the ocean for a long time.. In fact, I still use salicyclic acid cleansers in rotation with my cetaphil cleanser, and I also apply brevoxyl lotion (a
  10. Hey bro, It is a terrible thing.. I find brief moments of peace in realizing that there is a community of us that feel the exact same way. You're not alone.. I often do feel quite alone though. Its difficult to explain to someone that the reason you're not feeling well, or the reason that you're dealing with this issue or that issue is because of your acne.. Last night I broke down and had to spill it to a good friend of mine that i was on accutane and that i was all shook up and he was underst
  11. Hey everybody, I'm new to the forum but have reviewed the message board topics as a helpful tool sometimes in the past.. My name's Nick. I'm not sure how many of you can relate to or answer this question that I have, but I'm concerned about the kind of limitations accutane will place on my lifestyle. I've been on accutane since March 9th of this year which puts me about 7-8 weeks deep into the regimen. So far I've seen basically no results. I still have hope, but I would have thought that, by