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  1. Hmm I'm very tempted to get some now. For everyone who's using zinc powder right now, does it cause weight gain or obvious muscle gain? I don't really want that as a female...
  2. Brandy, are you not concerned that you'll have to stop BP when you go for scar treatments?
  3. I should add that, my scars are not isolated, but throughout my chin, it's up and down, since before I was clear I had very very severe (dense and cystic) acne on my chin... Another thing is, I'm a light-skinned East Asian. Are any of you guys Asian (or know about Asians who have done this) that can tell me about what to beware of? (like what power levels won't burn, etc)
  4. Hi sexy Jen, glad the fraxel is helping with your acne! I'll talk to a doctor about my condition soon hopefully (I'm on an accupuncture and therefore no treatment by a conventional MD at the moment, since I dread having to take Western oral medicine). Libertine, I think i have both raised and indented scars but they're relatively shallow. I have done microdermabrasion before, which helps smooth it a bit and also helped with the acne, but I am bit concerned about doing microdermabrasion too much
  5. Hey thanks Brandy =) So, I'm wondering, do you religiously use Dan's regimen or have you tried to skip a few days to see what would happen? Also, how long have u been completely clear?
  6. Hi , So I'm basically clear from Dan's BP (yay!), but I'm quite confused about my "scars". Some of the imperfections look like scars, but some other ones are a bit soft (but my skin is soft in general...) and it looks like they might have puss underneath still, but they won't erupt for months and I have no active inflammations. I'm wondering what if anyone out there who's been cleared on Dan's BP has done fraxel or other scar removal treatment, and whether or not you guys think that it wouold c
  7. "- dairy - soy additives - sugar - other additives/preservatives" Well, I guess everyone has different allergies. Chocolate is definitely evil, so is coffee. I personally am fine with sugar and diary, but soy is bad for me too. I'm Chinese and I largely have stopped using soy sauce! Avoid deep fried food or pan fried food that's too charred or "dry' (stir fry ok), spicy food and things with MSG (monosodium glutamate, it's a flavor enhancer widely used in Chinese restaurants, potato chips, cann
  8. Yes I'm from Hong Kong, and I'm talking about yee hay. "damp" is "sup" But the herbal tea is just Chinese medicine (chong yuek) or "bitter medicine" (fu cha), "sum cha" will not do you much good at all since it'll increase your circulation too much.
  9. Thanks a lot for such a lovely reply. I would like to confirm can i have green tea once a day on daily basis. Also i am trying to leave diary for one week and would like to see a difference. What would u suggest should i leave milk and cheese but continue with having lassi (yogurt diluted with water)? I drink carrot juice everyday and eat 2 apples and 2 pears everyday. We put ginger and garlic in most of the foods. Spices cant be avoided much and it becomes too difficult to cook then. Isn't icec
  10. hm looks like you're indian. I guess it'll be hard for u to cut off the spices then. Well do experiments on which spices are bad then, and for sure the spicy ones are bad. Yoghurt is "cool" so eat plenty of yoghurts.
  11. I totally feel ya! I'm 26 too! So, I've kept this diet for a little more than 2 years. I'm also on Chinese medicine and accupuncture and I got 90% well prior to Dan's BP. With Dan's BP I'm now 99% clear. I'm sure even without the Chinese med I'd have gotten much better just by this diet. The rationale is as follows: In the concept of Chinese med there are "hot" and cold foods (and climate etc), and "damp" food too. When your body's not balanced you get sick, and acne is basically a hot conditio
  12. I've seen brilliant people around me (from all the top 5 universities, who excel in what they do) and I see no connection between acne and intelligence whatsoever