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  1. Did you by any chance have the treatment at Afterglow in North Vancouver?
  2. I live in Vancouver, and I have an appointment booked for profractional at beauti-med in port coquitlam. wow that is expensive. Well i ended up doing some research and found a clinic in north vancouver called afterglow, they charge $600 per treatment and the consultation is free
  3. Im in Canada as well, Vancouver to be exact and im having a hard time finding a clinic that uses profractional technology. Do you know of any in BC?
  4. why dont you try arbutus laser in vancouver. they will probably give you the best deal. ive been checking out prices around vancouver for fraxel...they seem to have the most reasonable price and have been around for awhile.
  5. I wasnt able to find DIM but was able to find something similar...I3C which also contains flax ligands. Apparently DIM is a better version of I3C, but since I cant find DIM this will do for now.
  6. Not to push more meds on you guys, but ever consider taking propecia, helps you keep the hair you already have.
  7. Someone once told me that looking into a mirror is like looking into a magnifying glass, everything you see looks bigger then it really is. So basically you think your skin looks worse then it really is. When i heard that i was like...wtf that makes no sense. But years later i realized that most people look past whats on your face and look at you as a person, not as someone with acne.
  8. Is DIM the same thing as Indole 3 Carbinole?
  9. I have also had similiar hormonal problems. Im using yasmin along with aldactone(spiro) and it seems to be helping. Apparently the two of them together are supposed to correct a hormonal imabalance(according to my GP.
  10. Does it really make a difference as to how warm or cold the water is?
  11. Yes it would be if your using accutane. The doc gave you that dosage for a reason. And you get monthly blood tests for a reason.
  12. Try to avoid dairy products a few hours before and after taking doxy
  13. Dont let acne define who you are as a person. The world we live in places such an emphasis on looking good that we are forced to feel horrible about our acne. What helped me was realising how superficial and shallow this world is and that I would have no part in trying to live up to these pathetic standards of beauty. Theres more to life than your skin, its easy for me to say this but it must be done. Revolt! Dont conform, be who you are and be proud.
  14. Some make you sensitive to the sun, such as doxycyline. My MD also said its not recomended to take it for more than 3 months due to possible affects on the liver. Also some if not most people will develop immunity, so eventually they stop working. And in my case my skin is clear for about 6 months after treatment and then its back to square one again...same old break outs.