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  1. Wahyu Isram

    This is rolling scars?

    Whether this rolling scars? And is it a powerful dermaroller?
  2. Wahyu Isram

    Issa wahyu

    will my acne scars be cured by itself? My face is so smooth because it uses isotretinoin for 3 months. now i do not wear anything. will it hilamgb by itself? / use apple vinegar to heal?
  3. Hey guys u know i dont have money . I everyday drink jamu kunyit asem and jamu beras kencur that traditional method in indonesia u can search in google and translate this jamu is really helping.
  4. Wahyu Isram

    My acne scars really bad

    My dermatologist yesterday and he told me nerawat former inflamed and she gave me soap, toner, acne medication, a night cream (tdc2) if this will help? SKG acne scars me blush if I use drugs dri fit my doctor? Help me
  5. Wahyu Isram

    Wahyu Isram

    my face condition after drinking herbal medicine. but why in the daytime red pimples PIH me too keliatam red once whether it will disappear by 6itself?