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  1. Week 24: So, officially 6 months on this stuff. There has definitely been a change for the better. I have taken well over the higher bound of the cumulative dose (150mg/kg) and I have not had any weird side effects (finger's crossed). I have around 18 days left (I made a mistake last week, and I realized I had an extra packet of 10x40mgs). I'm taking 80mg a day. My blood work was also great! GP said I am good to go after I take my last pill. Life is good! Excited to be done soon. I'm gett
  2. Week 23: No pimples anywhere. Feeling good. Only 18 or so days left of accutane! Exact same as last week.
  3. Week 22 I took 100mg for 4 days, and I was feeling miserable. So I cut down to 80mg. So far, no change, everything is clear. I've been having to drink a ton more water, and my skin is dry. So I've been moisturizing twice a day. I've been looking FINE!
  4. Week 19/20/21 So, I went to japan for almost 3 weeks. For week 1, I stayed at my regular dose of 100mg. But in the last 2 days, my nose got a sun burn. This was super annoying, and I was only in the sun for like 15min. I had spf 60 on. So, I decided to cut down my dosage to 20mg every day in Japan (I did miss some days). I wanted to enjoy my trip. I drank once or twice during the trip. Fortunately, no acne came during the trip. I was able to buy some SICK asian sunscreens that kept my skin unb
  5. Week 18 (Day 127) I kinda messed up this week. I was off the medication for a total of 4 days. Issues with pharmacy's not having the medication and having to order it, finals and moving back home from university. However, did not notice any change in side effects and I've been back on it for 2 days. Acne: Completely clear. No pimples. PIH is there but slowly fading. Side Effects: Same as always. My skin sadly looks dehydrated no matter what moisturizer I use. Skin texture is not that gre
  6. Week 17 (Day 120) Just took my last dosage for month 4. Acne: No pimples at all! I had exams throughout this whole week and I usually break out super hard, but this time I got nothing at all. Skin has been super clear and the texture is a lot of better. Really happy with these results. Side Effects: Same as always. Dry sensitive skin and chapped lips. I think the mood effects I was feeling last week were a result of just being stressed about finals and that it was my last year of undergra
  7. Week 16 (Day 113) Acne: I got 3 tiny pimples under my beard They were super small and went away after. I noticed now that if I do get pimples, they are super small and are not cysts. They die easily. Otherwise, skin is just okay with PIH. Face is still smooth. I shaved my face and I noticed how much I have improved in terms of scaring. I think I only need a month more. My skin texture isn't the greatest as accutane makes you super dry. Side Effects: I really felt the accutane this week. It
  8. Week 15 (Day 105): Acne: Hallelujah! Life is good. Clear! Face has been looking good. Scars are slowly fading. Skin texture is pretty consistent throughout the day, like I remember pre-accutane, If I didn't sleep enough I looked absolutely terrible. Now, I look pretty good and I'm all matte. Like, I don't look sick. Really happy with how things are going! Side Effects: No change in physical side effects. I can get by putting on aquaphor every hour or two. Skin is never too dry, I just put on
  9. Week 14 (Day 98) Acne: Got 2 very small pimples around my right cheek/temple area. It took almost the whole week for them to go away. My temple area is always the first to go crazy when I breakout. I believe I got these pimples because my dosage increased. Otherwise, skin is clear. I do have PIH that is slowly fading. I did notice my skin texture get worse while going on this higher dose (skin is dryer), but it has seemed to normalize now. The discoloration is the only thing I have left. My sk
  10. Week 13 (Starting Taking 100mg Daily. I weight 72kg, so taking 1.38mg/kg daily): Acne: Clear. I did get 2 pimples last Saturday right after I posted my week 12 update. They were red and small and they appeared right center on my left cheek. They died within 4 days completely. Right now, I am absolutely clear. Skin is smooth and no bumps. I have no physical scars, just redness from previous pimples. The redness is slowly going away albeit extremely slowly. I trimmed my little beard today, and I
  11. Week 12: Hello Folks, Acne: No change, I am pretty clear. I have 0 cysts, maybe 1-2 small pimples around my face. I have a lot of discoloration from PIH but I've seen tons of improvement in comparison to 3-4 weeks ago. They are healing, albeit very slowly. I have 0 physical scars (THANK YOU). Also, my skin is not oily at all and it's great. I do moisturize every morning and night, and still my skin is very matte. I hope that my skin doesn't get to it's oily mess as it used to be after my trea
  12. Week 11: Much better. I only got a single small pimple (I went to two birthday parties, and wasn't super healthy). My skin is smooth as hell. I don't feel any cysts or bumps. I got a haircut, and my skin didn't look super gross when I looked in the mirror during the haircut. Things are looking much better. I still have some redness and dark spots, but thankfully no big bumps and no scars! It's nice to finally finally see some results from accutane. My skin is better now than it was pre-accutan
  13. Week 10: This week was the same as the past 2. However, scars are getting less noticeable. I got maybe 4-5 pimples throughout the week, and a bump on my right temple. No change in side effects. No change in skin texture. I shaved today, and I noticed that my left side is WAY better than my right side. When I started, my left side got like 20 pimples, and cysts came out while my right side was completely clear. Now, it' s the exact opposite. It seems to me that accutane will break you out in ev
  14. Week 9 (Day 64) I just took my 30mg and 40mg pill, and today marks day 64. Holy it's been a long time. I visited my GP 4 days ago, and she thinks I may have to be on the drug for 6 months. This came at a surprise. Initially, we thought it would go to 3-4 months. This is cause back when I first took accutane, where my acne was much worse, I cleared up within 2.5 months taking 40mg. So, my GP thought I would be clear by now, but she said that my face has not really improved since she say me mont
  15. Week 8 (Day 56) I had two cysts divide into multiple pimples at the beginning of this week. However, things are getting a lot better. Only 2 active pimples right now on my face, the rest are scars + PIH. I have tons of redness from inflammation I got during the initial break out, but things are slowly getting better cause of the very little active acne. I was really happy this week as I was finally able to cleanse and moisturize my face without running into any bumps. Skin is looking much bett