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  1. So on my nose, I don't really have blackheads, that is, pores that are black. But when I do squeeze my nose, pus comes out of my pores. Most of the time it is fluid-y, but sometimes it is a paste. I don't have any raised bumps and I thought that was the sign that you have clogged pores. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but it seems that most people on here have actual blackheads. Anything I can do to permanently clear out my pores? I am on Differin and at times I exfoliate with baking soda,
  2. I have long hair that is curly but not crazy curly and also prone to frizz. I can make it look nice unless it's humid, then it is a huuuuuge frizzy mess. However, it just looks...80s when I dress up nice, I don't know, it only looks acceptable if I am casual. Also, it takes about 5 hours to air dry.
  3. also Que Pasta is a genius name...although mex and italian combined...sounds pretty gross
  4. I swear there was some post here with the full version of cake mania...I love that game but I want the full version!