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  1. I only wish i'd been offered accutane 6 months sooner, i was using antibiotics with some degree of success for 18 months then my acne became much more severe-cystic. I wouldn't go out and spent ages trying to cover up the enormous cysts with make up which was almost impossible when they burst and leaked. Accutane wasn't fun,my lips were disgustingly dry and peeled all the time,i had small hacks at the side of my nostrils, my nose was filled with crust all the time, my skin itched constantly for
  2. I was incredibly itchy when i first took accutane-my arms especially. I bought E45 anti itch cream-it didn't help much. I just scratched lots which left me with little scratches because my skin was so thin. It stopped eventually and no harm done!! I'm one month post tane now and still clear and all the side effects have gone and i'm back to normal (and yes the oil is coming back)
  3. I have drank alcohol throughout my accutane course and have had no adverse effects. My LFT's were normal at every check. My hangovers were worse than usual though but no liver failure or jaundice. Go out and enjoy yourself and celebrate the fact you're skin is better but make sure you have a big glass of water by your bed, make that two!!!!
  4. Take a multivitamin for pregnant women they don't contain vit A as this is dangerous to a foetus (as we know) i took 'pregnacare' multivits-i'm in the UK
  5. one of the side effects i enjoyed most from the accutane was not having to wash my hair every day, i literally only washed it once a week once it started feeling icky or earlier if i was going out or had exercised and it was bit yuk. Loved the fact it didn't get thick with grease or cling to my head the way it had previously, i washed my hair daily and am hoping it won't return to that as its a pain in the a*** my dermo has advised me not to hold my breath!!!!!!
  6. I've just finished a 4 month course of accutane (55mg a day) and i can honestly say that while i'm glad its over, I'm also really glad I took it. I had hormonal acne which was getting more aggressive and the cystic lesions larger despite antibiotics and topical retin A. I would cry trying to cover up the spots with make up and cancel nights out,I was incredibly self conscious. My derm finally decided that the time was right to try accutane, I was really reluctant having read lots of negative thi
  7. My boyf and i had a not particularly passionate-I'm not complaining it just doesn't merit the outcome-session the other night and now i have no skin on my chin!!! Its horrible. Just as my spots were clearing up and my lips flaking slightly less. It was all looking so promising. Anyway,just some random advice to the girls out there-make sure he's clean shaven or his growth is at the soft bendy stage!!!!
  8. I'm on my 17th day too and just noticed yesterday that i went through the entire day without blotting the slick of oil on my face. Its such a lovely feeling,my make up would look slimey about half an hour after i applied it my face was so greasy. I'm on full dose at 55mg,so far i've had very dry lips and nose and really flakey ears!!! My scalp is itchy and flakey too but i massage bio-oil into it and that helps (and feels lovely) My skin is definitely getting drier all over and i'm itchy itchy i
  9. If you're talking about hair loss due to accutane then the shampoos mentioned are unlikely to help as these are for hormonal hair loss. The loss that occurs when you take accutane is called telogen effluvium which is when hairs are prematurely shed. There's a treatment in the u.k for this,can't remember what its called but boots sell it for about £23. Not sure if it works though.
  10. Its probably best to go to your optician to let them have a look at your eyes just to make sure there isn't conjunctivitis as this is a side effect (as is blepharitis which is an inflammation of the lid margins). Use artificial tears fairly often-once an hour at least,try something less viscous during the day i.e hypromellose. Systane is very good but also quite expensive. Golden eye is an anti infective not an antibiotic,so if you have an infection it won't necessarily help. You can buy chloram